Holiday Corporate Gift Specials

Everyone loves giving and receiving during the holidays! In business we take this special time of the year to send promotional holiday gifts to customers. There are a few good reason for doing so:

– Say thanks for their patronage

– Remind them of your business

– Strength the relationship

It pays to start planning holiday corporate gifts early! However it is not too late to start now. Promotional products and branded merchandise come in any shapes and sizes, within any type of budget, and all can be custom printed with your logo.

Check out our holiday catalogs:

Popular items this year:

1. Mobile / Tech items -> click here for our top 5 mobile tech itemsME3177-d-1000x

– Power banks: Keep phones and mobile devices charge while on the go

– Mobile phone wallets: Keep credit cards and ID in one place together with phone

– USB car charger: Charge phones and mobile devices while driving

– USB adapter: Devices requiring different inputs can be charged with same cable

– Mobile speakers: Compact audio speakers for office or outdoors







2. Calendars

If you give one gift to customers, print custom calendars. They are ready to be put up and your company name will be there all year round. Click here to see our custom printed calendar options.


3. Office essentials





– Desk organizers: A nice leatherette desk organizer to keep the desk free of clutters

– Folio: It comes with padded sheets, and keeps all the essentials to and from meetings

– Pen set: An elegant pen set will stay on your client’s desk

– Mugs / tumblers: Attractive drinkware for those coffee or tea lovers to enjoy all year long

– Cell phone holders: Keep the cell phone handy on the desk

4. Edibles

– Popcorn: For those who may prefer non-chocolate items

– Nuts/chocolate/pretzels: Combination of savory and sweets

– Chocolate bar: Custom mold chocolate bar with your company logo

– Jars of candy: Customize your own jar with m&m, jelly beans and more.


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