Custom printed pens

Custom printed pensbic-pen

Custom printed pens

Custom printed pens are the most economical advertising specialty item. They are very inexpensive to make, and every business finds them useful as a marketing tool and an office necessity. Custom printed pens come in a wide variety of styles and colors, fits all types of budgets and industries. Branded pens is the number #1 promotional items of all business!

1. Stick pen

Promotional stick pens are the value pens, usually with cap and a thin barrel. They come in many colors to match your company logo!

2. Click pen

Promotional click pens is retractable,  it is retractable, easy to use without the cap. It is also classy because many of them comes with silver accents, and wider body.

3. Stylus pen

Promotional stylus pens are new favorite branded pen. They function as both pens and stylus. The stylus on one side will allow you use it on electronic devices. It is a truly 2-in-1 gem!

Other than the styles, you can also choose from gel pens and ballpoint pens. Compared with ballpoint pens, gel pens:

  • Create a bolder line
  • Smudge more, due to ink being wetter
  • Have occasional skips, due to the ball being less evenly coated with ink
  • Use more ink, leading to more frequent refills or replacements
  • Are more likely to leak ink when the stopper fluid drains out
  • May be able to write on smooth, non-absorbent materials

With thousands of promotional pens to choose from, you’re sure to find pens that advertise your message perfectly! Contact us for a quote today!


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