Back to Work Personal Safety Items

Back to Work Personal Safety Items


As businesses in California are still in shelter-in-place order until May, it is not too early to start planning for safety return of employees and customers. We have gathered a few categories of items that can be used to ensure safety of each employee. Just a note, as conditions are changing on a daily basis and these items are in high demand, please confirm inventory and turnaround time when you are ready to place the order.


  1. HAND SANITIZERS, WIPES – Have plenty of hand sanitizers and wipes around the office for frequent sanitizing and cleaning.
  2. MASKS – Masks wearing maybe around for a period of time even after quarantine is over.
  3. STYLUS – stylus pens or other utility tools that help you touching buttons or touchscreen.
  4. SAFETY POSTERS – having procedures and guidelines throughout the facility will help remind everyone to stay healthy.
  5. SNEEZE GUARDS – partitions that keep coworkers and customers at a safe distance to protect against sneezing.

For the individual items please check out full list of BACK TO WORK PERSONAL SAFETY ITEMS .


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