Back to Work Branded PPE Items

Back to Work Personal Safety Items

Back to Work Branded PPE Items

As businesses are slowly reopening, it is time to start planning for safety return of employees and customers. We suggest the following list of back to work branded PPE items (personal safety equipment). 

Besides practicing social distancing, having back to work branded PPE items ready will save lives. Your customers will feels safe while visiting your business. Your employees will feel protected while working. It is a win-win for everyone. 

Our PPE items include face masks, mask accessories, hand sanitizers, sanitizing wipes, face shields, microbial pens and other office items. 

Just a note, as conditions are changing on a daily basis and these items are in high demand, please contact us to confirm inventory and turnaround time before placing the order.

Face Mask

Mask wearing protects everyone. Providing branded face masks and mask accessories give everyone a peace of mind while working or visiting the business. We also carry child's size and face shields.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand washing is essential and having hand sanitizer stations, or individual hand sanitizers around is just good business practice. Individual sanitizer packs and sanitizing wipes are also available.

Mask Accessories

Some of us may feel uncomfortable after wearing masks for long periods of time. We have accessories that will make mask wearing a little more bearable. A mask keeper makes it easy to have your mask nearby when you are not wearing.

Wellness Kits

We are able to put together custom wellness kits based on your specific requirements. Choose from gloves, hand sanitizers, face masks, mask accessories or thermometers. All branded and it will make distribution a breeze.

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