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Last updated on February 10th, 2022 at 04:56 pm

Here are 5 best promotional items that you can mail flat

Do you mail products, catalogs, brochures or invoices to customers? There are many choices when it comes to including a small promotional gift. I know I always love getting a little something extra from my favorite clothing brand when I shop. Here are a few good options:

1. Stickers / Decals / Temporary Tattoos

Custom button and stickers are great for directly mailing campaign

Stickers, decals and temporary tattoos are low-cost, effective for mail order and eCommerce brands because it gives a little something extra to the customers when they bought online. How many times have you seen the Apple sticker on cars, laptop bags, water bottles? A little goes a long way on this one.

2. Magnets

Printed magnets come in many shapes and sizes, they stick around people’s fridges and kitchens for a long time. They are ideal for local business such as restaurants, repair services, banks, realtors, dry cleaners. Keeping your name and phone number in these high traffic area definitely has advantages!

3. Buttons

Recently I purchased a tote from Maptote and it came with a cute little custom printed button with their logo in my package. I immediately pinned it on one of my backpacks. When you love a brand, you look for ways show it off. Promotional round buttons do just that. Clothing brand, accessories brand, schools, youth and political organizations get great results from buttons.

4. Screen cleaners, Gadget Dots

Mini screen cleaners often come with a marketing card or business card, making it a wonderful direct mail tool by itself. The screen cleaner can be customized with many shapes to match your logo and product, so it can be a truly unique product.

Gadget Dots are fabulous and new – these small buttons are custom printed on the front and have an adhesive back. It will stick to the home button on iPhones. I have personally used one for a couple weeks now and it makes it easier and effortless to press the home button. Not to mention the cool factor! Imagine having your favorite brand logo on your phone! It comes on a small marketing card and can be customized.

These 2 items are small and light and are great direct mail ideas.

5. Mini calendars

If you were to purchase one promotional product a year for your business, make it a calendar. If your concern is to reduce mailing cost of a regular size calendar, consider a custom printed magnetic calendar, or a mini wall calendar. They will stick around for the entire year and literally less than a penny a day to advertise.

Here is our 5 tips for promotional items that can mail flat. Need more ideas? Shop more products in our store.

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Shirley is the co-founder of Garuda Promo and Branding Solutions. With a background in print production and graphic design, she specializes in promotional products marketing, creating end-products that aligns with her client's marketing goals and brand strategy.

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