Custom Business Apparel

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Custom Business and Corporate Apparel

When your company is out on the field, dress them in custom business and corporate apparel to make a great first impression. Whether it is a sales meeting, tradeshow, or an outreach event, corporate apparel helps boost company spirits and increase customer royalty.

Why choose Garuda Promo and Branding Solutions? Well, our team of experts are knowledgeable with different types of garments. We understand the requirements for events and industries. Furthermore, we research and read about current business apparel trends so you don’t have to. Let us help you create company apparel that look branded and professional. 

Business Apparel Categories

Business apparel is more than shirts and jackets. The latest business apparel trend is all about layering. Casual jackets mixed with button shirts, so you can transition from office to evening with ease. Athleisure is also becoming a major playing in corporate apparel, especially with tech firms and startups. Companies want their employees comfortable while at work. In addition, it makes it easy to dress for theme days and team building events.

Here are some main categories of business apparel:

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Corporate Apparel Printing Methods

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There are many ways to decorate company apparel. It really depends on the type of garment, the complexity of logo and the turnaround time needed. Therefore, choosing a knowledgeable company that understand each printing process will result in the ultimate success of the program!