Custom Corporate Kits & Gift Boxes

Corporate Kits and Gift Sets

Custom corporate kits and gift boxes, when done right, elevate the branding experience to the next level. When a carefully curated set of promotional products are packaged in decorated packaging, the perceived value increased tremendously. Therefore, kits and gift sets generate greater impact and return on investment. 

We at Garuda Promo and Branding Solutions can help you from product selections, decoration method, design and packaging to ensure the campaign is a great success!

influencer kit with champion sweatshirt in custom box
Charger adapter with custom logo, flyer and custom printed bag for tradeshow

A Custom Corporate Gift Box for Every Occasion

There are so many reasons you may want to create custom corporate kits or gift boxes, but here are just a few:

How to Build Great Kits

1. Planning

This is the most important step: Who are the kits for? What are the goals? How to measure success? Is there a budget? Asking these questions first will help you and us determine the right promotional products that fit your goals and budget. 

2. Product Selection

Here is the fun part! Choose items that complement your company values, the occasion, and the purpose the kit. Our product catalog includes a wide variety of cool tech items, sustainable / eco-friendly products, name brand items, companies that support causes. 

Another thing to keep in mind is how the items will fit together, and if some items are fragile. Our experts can advise on these as well as keeping your budget and timeline in mind.

3. Packaging Design

The packaging is the first thing the recipients will see, so it has to make a great first impression! We offer different materials, formats, imprinted options with our packaging. More on our packaging options below.



4. Fulfillment / Drop Shipping

Once all the products have been customized, our team will package all the items together for mailing.

Fillers such as kraft paper, crinkle paper, tissues or bubbles will be used to complete the package and to ensure it will be secure during shipping.

Take the hassle out of mailing by using our drop shipping service! We can mail the packages out via various methods such as USPS and UPS. 


Packaging Options

Blank Mailers

Simple, affordable packaging option – our blank mailers come in many colors to match your branding. Customize it with full color label for a quick turnaround time. 

color mailers
custom printed mailer

Custom Mailers

With a custom printed mailer, we can print all the outside panels of the box. It means there will be plenty of space for graphics and information. Inside of the box can be printed as well as an option. 

Wooden Crates

A wooden crate gives a rustic look that you maybe going for. Custom leather notebooks, coasters and other custom leather items go well with wooden crates, with kraft crinkle paper. 

custom printed wooden box

Deluxe Gift Box

Handcrafted gift box with soft touch lamination, customized for your project. Add dividers or custom inserts so the items fit perfectly. Full color imprint adds to the premium look and feel.

Tote Bag, Backpack

Sometimes, you just have to think outside the box! Using a custom printed tote bag or backpack filled with goodies is the way to go, especially if it is an in person or eco-conscious event. The custom bag will be another keepsake item that can be re-used again and again.

community promotional gift set

Ready to start your custom kit?