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Last updated on May 23rd, 2022 at 06:56 pm

Why Custom Mugs and Custom Cups?

When it comes to promotional products, custom mugs and custom cups are consistently in the top 10 most popular items. Why? From coffee mugs, travel mugs, glassware, tumblers and party cups, there seems to be endless uses for custom drinkware. In this blog post, we will help you navigate through the complicated world of custom mugs to find the perfect one for your upcoming event.

What Are Custom Mugs Made of?

Coffee mugs are mostly made of ceramic material because it won’t melt when when using with hot liquid such as coffee, tea, or soup. Who doesn’t like to start the day with a nice cup of coffee or wind down with a cup of tea? Custom mugs can also be made of other materials as well: 

Ceramic mug with cork base
Ceramic mug with cork base

Ceramic: Ceramic simply is made essentially from a nonmetallic mineral (as clay) by firing at a high temperature. Ceramic is used to make many housewares including bowls, plates, utensils, bakeware as well. It is one of the most popular materials for custom coffee mugs.

soda can glass
Soda can glass

Glass: Glass mugs or glass cups are another popular material for custom mugs and custom cups. They are great for cold drinks, wine and beer. There is also double-walled glass mugs which can hold hot drinks as well. There are various shapes and sizes available for glasswares such as pint glass, pilsner, stein, wine globlet, wine flute, soda can glass, mason jar, shot glass.

Confetti Color Changing Mood Party Cup
Confetti Color Changing Mood Party Cup

Plastic:  Plastic, one of the widely used material in the world, is used in many different types of custom cups. Stadium cups and party cups which are most often used in sporting events, entertainment venues, private celebration and parties. They are reusable and are affordable promotional items for event goers. Disposable plastic cups are another alternative for events, which can be produced at a fraction of reusable cups. Keep in mind these plastic cups are only for cold drinks, beer and wine.

stainless steel camper mug
Stainless steel camper mug

Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is a durable material and you can find them in many tumblers and travel mugs. Double insulated stainless steel tumblers can keep liquid hot and cold for hours. They make a premium promotional gift that everyone loves. 

How to Choose The Right Custom Mug?

There are so many options for promotional mugs and custom cups that sometimes it feels like impossible to choose! This is why we are here to help! It really depends on the event setting, how it is being delivered and how it will be used. Here are a few different things to consider:

red wine glasses set
Red wine glasses set

Employee, customer gifts: Many companies put together employee appreciation giftsemployee onboarding gifts, or customer gift sets. A custom printed mug is a good choice. Take a look at the mug you’re using for your coffee right now, how long have you had it? A stainless steel tumbler or travel mug is versatile and can be used in an office, home or carried around while you’re out and about.

Outdoor events: In an event setting, the use of  custom cups are for promotional giveaways. Therefore stadium cups or disposable plastic cups are both suitable options. They are inexpensive, can be custom printed in a variety of different ways. 

stainless steel wine glass set
Stainless steel wine glass set

Corporate events, weddings, celebrations: In corporate events and lavish parties, you may want a custom printed cup that looks classy but not break like glass. Many party planners prefer the double walled party cups for its durability and glossy exterior. Another new favorite is the plastic stemless wine glass. They have a classic stemless wine glass shape but are made of translucent plastic. 

Running, outdoor race: In outdoor events such as race events will have a post-race party and where they will hand out the race medals and “race swags”. Some race directors will opt for a pint glass as gifts. Pint glass can be found in glass or stainless steel. Stainless steel is the better option here because it is less likely to break during transit. 

Imprint methods:  Technology advances in printing has allow for some pretty impressive imprints on custom mugs these days. So whatever artwork you have in mind, there is a way we can print it! Learn more about our various imprint methods in this blog post.

A Note on Shipping Custom Mugs

When ordering custom mugs in ceramic, glass, or wine glass, they need to be packed in special shipping cartons to prevent breakage during shipping. This will add on an extra cost to shipping, not to mention ceramic mugs are generally heavy to ship. If you are putting together a corporate gift set, this can create some additional consideration. Ceramic mugs require additional padding material or mug mailers to when drop shipping. A stainless steel tumbler will work equally well without the additional packing materials.

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