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Last updated on August 10th, 2021 at 07:05 pm

Customized Notebooks and Journals

Customized Notebooks and Journals

A classy elegant customized notebook and journal is like your best friend, it travels with wherever you go. It becomes part of your creative process and your social life . That’s why it is a popular corporate gift idea loved by many of our customers. How can you customize a journal to make it truly unique?

1. Cover

Hard cover leatherette notebook
Hard cover leatherette notebook

Hard Cover:  it can be a leatherette (leather-like) hard cover, or paperboard cover. They give a classy and timeless look.

Soft Cover: soft paper or vinyl covers give the notebooks a contemporary and modern twist.

2. Binding

Book bound (left) vs Spiral Bound (right)
Book bound (left) vs Spiral Bound (right) journal

Spiral Bound: It is usually available with paper board cover, it makes writing on both sides of the paper easily and it is popular with colleges and schools.

Book Bound: Book bound notebooks flips and feels like a book, and it is available usually with leatherette journals, soft and vinyl cover notebooks

3. Decoration Method

Deboss (left) vs Foil Print (right)

Silkscreen printing: If the corporate Pantone colors are to be matched, silkscreen printing is the preferred method because spot colors will be used for printing. It maybe a better alternative than foil print if the logo is complicated and contains fine details.

Full color printing: want to put full color logos and images on the cover? We can do that too on a number of paperboard and soft paper covers.

Foil stamp: Foil imprinting is intended for bold statements, and strong imprints. Color of the shiny foil tends to change depending on the lighting and the direction you are viewing.

Deboss: This technique makes an impression by debossing the cover material, the result is a subtle but timeless style that is loved by many customers.

4. Bonus and extras

Die-cut: we offers a variety of die-cutting options to make your product truly unique and creative. From windows to custom shapes there is little that we cannot achieve!

Closures: By combining one of our closure features to your journal, it will give you a sense of security while adding a charming detail.

Pockets / Sleeves: Add storage pockets and sleeves for business cards and other accessories when you are on the go.

Graphic Bands: Custom printed graphic bands to enclose the journals for a retail look.

Filler: add additional inserts such as calendar, or any custom filler that fits your business.

Feel free to contact us today to get your custom notebook project started!

We also offer custom Molkeskine notebooks if you are looking to co-brand with a legendary notebook maker!

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