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eco friendly 2024

Last updated on May 3rd, 2024 at 11:42 pm

Caring for our planet should not just be on earth day! Many clients are conscious of the effect that their marketing efforts have on the environment, and more of them are asking how to best balance sustainability and business marketing activity. In this 2024 edition of the eco-friendly promotional product trends, we will uncover creative ways to promote your business while caring about our planet, using new sustainable materials and strategic planning.

Latest Eco-friendly Promotional Products Material Recap

recycled aluminum bottles
Recycled aluminum bottles with bamboo cap

This year we are definitely seeing A LOT OF sustainable materials being used in promotional products, from tote bags, bottles, apparel, power banks and everything in between. Your entire promotional campaign can be eco-friendly! The costs of using eco-friendly materials have also become more economical, so it opens up possibilities for companies who may find such products cost prohibitive before. Let’s take a look at the different materials available:

-Tote Bags, lunch totes and backpacks are now available in RPET, recycled polyester and recycled cotton.

-Many water bottles and tumblers now come in glass, recycled aluminum, bamboo, recycled polypropylene, wheat straw.

-In apparel, more eco-friendly styles have come into the market; many t-shirts, polos, jackets now come in organic cotton, recycled cotton and polyesters, including name brands like Nike, and North Face.

-Power banks are now outer casing made of recycled plastic, sustainable bamboo.


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Recycled cotton tote with recycled journal
Recycled cotton tote with recycled leather journal with recycled paper

Upcycling: giving your existing promotional products a second life

upcycling with promotional products
Upcycling banners, displays or table covers and create promotional products

On a very basic level, this means we will make useful products using material you send us. We can reuse materials that were formerly used for advertising or promotions. Send us your used billboards, banners, trade show signage, tablecloths, flags, t-shirts, uniforms, etc., and we will repurpose the material to make other useful objects like tote bags or pouches. This is much more efficient and less wasteful than recycling, as we are simply cutting the material apart and sewing it into new products. Upcycling is a great way to keep materials out of landfills.

bottle packaging second life
This bottle packaging transforms into a snack holder

One of our newest supplier is carbon neutral, all of its products have a percentage of recycled content clearly displayed, and the best part, all of its packaging has a second life, for example, as a bird feeder, snack holder.


Taking a Deep Dive into Your Target Audience to Create Purposeful Promotional Products

People often refer to promotional products as SWAG (Stuff We All Get), what if they are more personal and purposeful? Instead of mass producing hundreds and thousands of giveaway items, what if research our target market and find out what they are really into? Instead of focusing on what is hot, we emphasizes classic items that stand the test of time? They can be well-crafted accessories or apparel that remain stylish for a long time rather than being popular for a fleeting moment.

Thoughtful gifts that show you care and have done your research would make a lasting impression on your clients. The basic strategy is curating gifts are on point and of high quality, they are less likely to end up in the landfill. When we talk about the eco-friendly concept “reduce, reuse and recycle”, it is always preferred to first reduce and reuse items as much as possible before recycling. When it comes to promotional products, the idea of “less is more” should be considered for sustainability as well as targeted marketing.

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