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There was the Nalgenes, Camelbaks, S’well, and more recently Hydroflasks. People embrace reusable water bottles as a way to avoid plastic, promote healthy benefits of hydration, but lately, a way to show off their fashionable styles. In the last couple years, it was the Adventure Quencher Travel Tumbler from Stanley, a 109-year-old brand that specializes in camping gear and outdoor accessories. It has become the model of choice among a lot of millennial and Gen Z women. In this blog post we will dive in to see why you may consider custom Stanley Quencher tumblers.

The 40 ounce tumbler, features a lid with a removable straw, a handle and an insulated body that is tapered, allowing it to fit in a car cup holder. It is also larger in capacity than regular coffee tumblers and most water bottles. Not quite a water bottle and not quite a cup, it is a unique cross between the two and it got attention of especially female social media influencers.

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According to the New York Times, in around 2019 the Quencher was actually not being restocked on Stanley website anymore, but it was due to the popularity of it on social media that brought it back to life. It went viral on Tiktok and Instagram thanks to influencers that loved the Quencher. Teachers, nurses around the country will have them on their desks and counters, women will be exercising and working out with them on the side. And this time, the Stanley Quencher came back with more pretty muted shade colors.

Google searches for the Stanley water bottle have quadrupled since November 2022, with hundreds of millions of TikToks posted with Stanley-related hashtags. The $40 water bottle is very popular with mom influencers, lifestyle bloggers, nurses and college students.

This is a story of how a brand listened and paid attention to the social media happenings and acted on it, and as a result, a 100 year old brand is trending among the millennial and Gen Z.

Our custom Stanley Quencher Tumblers come in 2 sizes: 30oz and 40oz . Promotional products from Stanley make a great gift for your next promotional campaign. Garuda Promo and Branding Solutions offers a collection of Stanley products, from tumblers, mugs and thermos that will certainly impress your clients and employees.  The Stanley brand is known for its rugged style and quality construction, making these products great for high end customized gifts. Contact us today to get your project started!

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