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How to leverage promotional products

Imagine you’re a small business owner struggling to increase your brand awareness and customer loyalty. You’ve tried various marketing strategies, but nothing seems to stick. 

In a recent episode on Business Growth on Purpose podcast, Swire was interviewed by host Jose Palmino to share his/ expertise on using promotional products to grow businesses. And let us tell you, promotional products can work wonders for your brand when done correctly.

Swire explained to the listeners what promotional products are and how they can be used to create brand awareness. He emphasized the importance of choosing the right product that resonates with your audience and shared examples of successful campaigns.

One of the examples he gave was a company that used branded water bottles as promotional products at a marathon event. Not only did the participants love the product, but they also shared photos of themselves using the water bottles on social media, generating buzz for the company.

Swire also addressed the challenges that businesses may face when using promotional products, such as staying within their budget and choosing the right product for their audience. He gave practical solutions to these challenges, such as setting a clear budget and doing market research to understand your audience’s preferences.

So, if you’re looking for an effective way to increase your brand awareness and customer loyalty, consider adding promotional products to your marketing strategy. And don’t forget to check out the podcast for more insights and tips!

As a small business owner, increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty can be a challenge. But have you considered using promotional products? In a recent podcast, I shared my expertise on the topic, including the benefits and challenges of using promotional products, as well as practical solutions to common obstacles. If you’re looking to elevate your marketing strategy, check out the podcast for valuable insights and tips.

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Shirley Ho

Shirley is the co-founder of Garuda Promo and Branding Solutions. With a background in print production and graphic design, she specializes in promotional products marketing, creating end-products that aligns with her client's marketing goals and brand strategy.

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