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Last updated on April 23rd, 2021 at 07:57 am

What is the setup fee for promotional products?

You may notice that when ordering promotional items there seems to always be a setup fee for the order, and for reorders too. Here we will break it down for you on setup costs:

What is setup fee?

Setup costs is the fee associated with setting up a printing plate, die, or screen for printing the logo on the machine. It is a physical process that is required to print the logo on the product that you have selected. Designing and vectorizing the logo is a different process and it is not included in the setup costs.

For etching, or laser engraving items, setup involves manipulating the logo for the laser machine.

For silkscreening, setup involves setting up the screens for each color, and preparing the ink.


Why is there multiple setup fees for some jobs?

2 color logo, 2 setup fees

When the logo contains more than 1 color, since each color is printed separately, individual screens for each other is needed. Therefore there will be multiple setup charges, as well as multiple print run charges. If costs are a concern it will be a good idea to keep the number of colors at a minimum.


Why is there different setup fees when I order different items?

Same logo, 3 different items, 3 setup fees

If you order a pen, tote bag and t-shirt with the same logo, it maybe natural to think that there is only 1 setup fee. In reality, the imprint area for all 3 items are different, the machines used are different, and therefore there is a need to charge 3 setup fees. We will need to go through the logo 3 times to prepare the screens required.


Do I pay for multiple screen charges if I print the same logo on different color tote bags?

Same logo, different color totes, 1 setup charge

If you would like an assortment of colors on the same tote bag, there is no additional charge as long as the logo is printed in the same color. For example, you can order red, blue, black tote bags, and have your logo printed in white on of them. If the logo will be printed in different color on some bags, there is a change ink charge per change of color.


What if I resize our logo on our new order? Will that result in a new setup fee?

Changing logo, new setup fee

Yes, if the logo is changed, including new text, new font, new logo size, we will need to setup a new screen, or plate for printing, no matter how minor the change is.


Hopefully this will give you a good idea on what our setups fees are about, and it will help you to make the decision next time when you order promotional products! And if you are still in doubt, please contact us so we can walk you through it.

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