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Last updated on January 27th, 2022 at 07:03 pm

Trending eco-friendly promotional products

Here is our top 6 suggestions for eco-friendly promotional products

Many clients in wellness and health industries are conscious about well-being, less waste and healthy living lifestyle, and it translates into their decisions in choosing the right promotional product for their marketing campaign. Are there products that are eco-conscious and deliver the right marketing message?

1. Sprout Eco Friendly Pencil

Eco-Friendly pencil
A sprout pencil is a good eco-friendly promotional item to consider

Give the traditional pencils a twist! The Sprout Pencil is the first plantable sustainable pencil in the world. The pencil has been given its dual function by replacing the eraser with a special seed capsule. Delicious fresh herbs, crispy vegetables, or edible flowers, grow out of the pencil. Your logo can be laser engraved onto the pencil. Since it is laser engraved, the logo will be a natural wood color matching the pencil. This is a unique and fresh idea for any company and organization where natural and eco-friendly is a priority. This promotional eco friendly pencil can be perfect for employees or clients.

2. Seeded bookmark

Seeded bookmark
Seeded bookmark, eco-friendly and the seeds will grow into plants

Seeded paper is a specialty paper made from 100% recycled biodegradable eco-paper made with 30% post-consumer materials embedded with a blend of annual and perennial wildflower seeds. Includes: Bird’s eyes, Clarkia, Black Eyed Susan, Catchfly. Spurred Snap Dragon, English Daisy and Sweet Alyssum. It can be made into a variety of paper products, customized with your logo. A popular product is a seeded paper bookmark, once you remove the seeded paper shape from the bookmark, plant it in soil and wait and watch for beautiful flowers to grow!

3. Recycled Notebook


Notebooks and journals are popular with tradeshows, conventions and school organizations. An eco-friendly version of notebook like this Small Tuck Notebook is great because its heavy cardboard cover is made from recycled paper and has 85 pages of recycled lined paper which are lined with soy ink. Each page and the back cover have the recycled logo on them. A blank pen made from recycled paper with black ink is also included. Eco-friendly notebooks also come in many different sizes!

4. Cotton Tote


Customers who prefer cotton over plastic polypropylene bags love the natural look and feel of cotton. It serves as a great canvas to logos, artwork and illustrations. The durability is also one of the reason why customers who want a quality tote bag ultimately chooses cotton canvas tote. This cotton canvas tote bag is made of 6 oz fabric, with reinforced handles. Spot color logos as well as vibrant full color logos can be printed to create an amazing piece of merchandise!

5. USA Made Corn Plastic Products

NatureAd is a plastic material derived from corn, a renewable US agricultural product. This NatureAd Corn Mug is 100% corn plastic, compostible and microwave-safe. A 100% corn plastic logo is engraved on the bottom. Here is a list of many products we have available from corn plastic, ranging from mugs, tumblers, rulers and letter openers. All made in the USA!

6. Shower Timer


Here in California we are in the middle of a drought, rain water is sparse and we have to save every little bit we got! This eco shower timer is truly unique – Twist-action 5 minute hourglass timer with suction mount, made of recycled plastic. Here is a promotional product with a purpose and can help reduce water usage! Full color imprint is available on this item.

Do you need some fresh new eco-friendly promotional products ideas for your upcoming tradeshow or event? Contact us today!

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