Pop-Up Fundraising Apparel Store – FAQ

Pop-Up Fundraising Apparel Store - FAQ

Here are the pop-up fundraising apparel store FAQ. Feel free to contact us if you have any specific questions on your project. We look forward to hearing from you!

Pop-Up Fundraising Apparel Store - FAQ

When we say no setup, no upfront costs we mean it! All our fundraising stores are setup with no charge!

Your supporters will purchase the shirts in advance. Once the fundraising period is over, we aggregate all the orders and the shirts will be produced. 

The beauty of this pop-up fundraiser is that you will not have to source the t-shirts, create the design, find a screenprinter, handle the transactions, sell and deliver the shirts. We handle all of it for you. 

Yes! You can sell your shirts at any price. $25 is what we recommend for a reasonable payout. 

Absolutely! Send us your logo, slogan, motto, favorite quote, anything that define you and we will create a smashing design people will love!

In order to keep our store simple and easy to set up, each pop-up fundraising apparel store will have 1 shirt design. You can have up to 3 shirt colors.

The sky is the limit! You can sell as many as you like but we do ask for a minimum of 12 shirts.

Payout will generally take 7-10 business days to process. Paypal is preferred but we can also issue a check.

There is plenty that you can do! Your fundraising store success depend on how well it is marketed and promoted. We need all hands on deck for it to be successful! Check out our fundraising store marketing guide for more.

It can be any length you want. From our experience, 2 weeks is the ideal length. It is not too short, and long enough for you to send a couple of emails, a few social media updates to keep the momentum throughout. 

We can set up a fundraising store that fits your criteria! Add different styles of shirts, water bottles, sweatshirts if you’d like. In stead of a pop-up store, we can also set up one that runs all year round. Contact us today to find out more.