Swire Ho featured on “Solopreneur Grind” podcast


Garuda Promo and Branding Solution co-founder Swire Ho was featured on the “Solopreneur Grind” podcast by Josh Schachnow. 

The podcast is about solopreneur success stories directly from other successful solopreneurs. Josh chats with all kinds of them (like bloggers, freelancers, coaches, professional athletes and more) to discuss how they got started, strategies, tips, lessons and much more in the world of business. 

Episode Notes:

We chat with Swire Ho from @garudapromo about starting and growing multiple smaller cashflow businesses.

We discussed:
– How he started his first business after losing his job the day of his honeymoon
– The experience building and then selling his first business in the CD/DVD industry
– How he started and grew his current promo product business, including how to make the most out of a small business to increase revenues without growing your team

We hope you enjoyed the podcast interview! If you are interested in featuring Swire please reach out to him directly swire@garudapromo.com!

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