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power bank trends 2024

For better or worse, we live in a digital and mobile world now, and our lives revolves around phones, tablets and other digital gadgets. Keeping them charged is one of the most essential daily task. That is why power banks and wireless chargers are one of the most popular promotional products among our clients. The following are the 5 new trends we see in 2024 in branded power banks and wireless chargers:

  1. Multi-Purpose Power Banks
  2. Magsafe Compatibility
  3. Full Color Printing Capability
  4. High Speed & High Capacity Charging
  5. Eco-Friendly Materials

Multi-Purpose Power Banks

Power banks have evolved in the last few years, from being a charging device to one that multi-task. From being a speaker, desk lamp, mousepad, alarm clock, UV sanitizer , home decor and more! A multi-purpose power bank would be an indispensable tool that your customers cannot live without!

MagSafe Compatibility

MagSafe technology is magnetic technology from Apple, built natively into iPhone 12 series models and newer generations of iPhone. Essentially, MagSafe-compatible accessories and MagSafe-enabled technology allows users to charge their iPhones wirelessly. This has significantly made many iPhone users’ lives easier by eliminating the use of cables in charging. In the last couple years, many MagSafe enabled wireless chargers have emerged and have become many clients’ favorite in their promotional products campaign.

So, what MagSafe-compatible accessories and MagSafe-enabled technology is available for iPhone users today? Let’s dive in–

Full Color Imprint Capability

Color makes everything better, right? The technology available for printing has greatly advanced over the years and it has allowed realistic, photo-quality images to be printed on many products, included power banks and wireless chargers. A large imprint area is often available on many wireless chargers and you should take full advantage of it! A vibrant color image or logo not only draws your customer to it but it can bring a generic wireless charger to life!

High Speed & High Capacity Charging

2000 mah super power bank
20,000 mah power bank with USB-C port

Remember those lipstick shaped power banks from way back? Gone are the days where power banks would barely charge a phone and at a snail speed. Power banks are coming out with high capacity batteries and fast charging capability. For example, this supercharged power bank is features a 20,000 mah battery, 1 USB-C port and 2 USB ports, it allows simultaneously charging of up to 3 devices, and it even has a 65W max output to charge laptop and other devices at fast speed.








Eco-Friendly Materials

One important goal at Garuda Promo is to provide clients with eco-friendly and sustainable options in all of our products, and redefining the future of consumption by providing products that not only elevate your lifestyle but also leave a positive impact on the planet. We now have power banks and wireless chargers that are made with recycled, and sustainable materials such as the Elexa power bank. Furthermore, some packaging are now made with FSC-certified materials and have a second life to be something else useful. Having those options available, we are hopeful that it will make a difference in our future.


Are you looking for custom power banks in your next marketing campaign? Contact us today and let us know how we can help!

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Shirley is the co-founder of Garuda Promo and Branding Solutions. With a background in print production and graphic design, she specializes in promotional products marketing, creating end-products that aligns with her client's marketing goals and brand strategy.

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