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Last updated on December 8th, 2023 at 11:25 pm

Updated in 2023: The legal industry is a competitive business.  There are many different types of lawyers and law firms that serve different kind of clients and have various specialities. Besides providing excellent customer service and professionalism, promotional items for lawyers and law firms are effective marketing tools. Offering promotional products is another way to promote customer loyalty and many of our legal clients agree!

Here are 8 fun and creative promotional items for lawyers and law firms:

Stress Relievers

People who hire lawyers to solve their legal troubles are usually distressed. Custom printed stress relievers are perfectly on point here. A stress reliever shows that your top priority is to solve their problems and take away the stress! Some fun shapes you may consider would be a gavel or courthouse. We have a huge selection of stress relievers to  choose from!

gravel stress reliever
courthouse stress reliever

Jotters and Notebooks

heather journal

Branded jotters and notebooks are especially useful promotional items for personal injury attorneys who deal with a lot of automobile accidents or fender benders. Keeping a notebook with a pen handy can be a lifesaver when you need to write down important information about the the incident. Your clients can also jot down notes from your initial meeting in the branded notebook.  


desktop calendarFor many lawyers and law firms, being top of mind is important. When potential clients encounter issues that may require legal assistance, they may not have time to research law firms. According to a 2019 study, 62% of Americans own a promotional calendar. Calendars such as this perpetual calendar are great promotional products because they are a constant reminder of your brand. When the need arises, the clients will reach for the name and phone number they have been seeing all year.

Webcam Covers

webcam cover with packaging
cute webcam cover

For law firms that deal with privacy issues, this is the perfect promotional item! Custom printed webcam covers provide physical protection of webcams when they are not in use. Similar to calendars, they are very useful in keeping your law firm’s name on top of clients’ minds. 

Selfie Ring Lights

webcam zoom ring light
Webcam ring light

If your clients are busy professionals who are always on the go and heavy mobile users, this is for you! The selfie ring light effortlessly brighten up your face for zoom calls, video calls, pictures or any live videos! It also conveniently clips to your phone. Tech and mobile related promotional products are extremely popular and many of our legal clients use them for their appeal to most demographics.

Phone Stands

Another phone accessory that is both useful and provides good value to law firms is phone stand. Phone stands can be either attached to the back of the phone or free-standing. It provides a large imprint space and the ones that double as mobile chargers are even more useful. Its presence on someone’s desk or workspace is a daily reminder of the brand. 

charging phone stand
Charging phone stand / speaker
mobile phone stand
Mobile phone stand


award designed by garuda promotionsFor those long time clients, custom awards are a nice end of the year gift. It is always more expensive to acquire a new client than to keep an existing client, so keep your current clients happy! Client appreciation gifts like custom awards are not only classy – sentiments are always much appreciated and remembered. A long lasting business relationship is the result of genuine interest and consistent show of support and appreciation.


Custom clocks are one of the classic executive gifts. However it does not have to look like an old grandfather clock! This alarm clock with salt lamp and wireless charger is modern, zen and useful in many ways. You can also get creative with our full color wall clocks . Every office space can use a wall clock and once it goes up it will stay on for years!

alarm clock salt lamp


After an important meeting with clients, you may want to leave a nice gift to thank them for their time and interest. This double wall insulated tumbler is a great option – it holds both hot and cold drinks and can be used anywhere. Who doesn’t love a hot cup of coffee or tea in the morning?

high gloss tumbler

Auto Accessories

 For law firm that specialize in auto incidents, the vehicle itself provides lots of excellent opportunities for branding and marketing. Auto accessories such as car USB charger, car freshener, phone holder are great reminders for your potential customers that you are there for them when the need arises. These items also tend to be small and would be great items for direct mail campaigns.

car freshener
car phone holder

When researching for appropriate promotional products for your target audience, put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself a few questions: What would get them excited? What do they use every day? This will help you get a better idea of a suitable gift for your loyal clients. We hope this list of promotional items would be a good starting point for your next campaign! We’ll be here when you are ready to contact and start your project!

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