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Keeping up with the latest promotional trends is always a challenge for many businesses. A product will be in high demand in one instance and go obsolete and out of style in the next. So as a marketer, how do you maintain your relevance out in the market?

This article will look at the top five promotional product kits and custom mailers ideas for 2022.

1.    Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Products

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Customers want to be associated with brands that are conscious of the environment. Promotional products that are made of sustainable or recycled materials are getting popular.

  • RPET Shopping Bags

Reusable shopping bags made from recycled material promotes sustainability and can be put to use every day.

  • Reusable Water bottles

Reusable water bottles mean less plastic in the environment and promote your brand on the go.

2.    Virtual Event Giveaways

headphones designed by garuda promotions

Since covid-19 struck, there has been a gradual shift in the use of promotional products and what they represent. There is more focus on virtual online events than physical events. Through social media campaigns or virtual events, you can connect with your audience online.

Who doesn’t desire a fancy phone stand as a way of appreciation for their value and convenience?

Headphones come in handy during voice and video calls and make a good set of promotional products in 2022. They will promote your brand any time a customer attends a virtual event.

3.    Gifts That Give Back

tentree concept image

People want to support companies that align with their values. By purchasing from companies that support a social cause and give back to the community, you are showing a human side of the company and how your company has a greater purpose. Here are a few brands that give back: 

  • Miir: They invest a portion of top-line revenue into nonprofit organizations whose work empowers communities while benefiting the health of their natural environments.
  • Basecamp:  They donate a portion of revenue to support the Wounded Warrior Project’s mission to honor and empower wounded warriors.
  • Tentree: By planting trees for every purchase, Tentree is making big change accessible to everybody and showing the lasting impact that one small choice can have.

4.    Tech Items

wireless charger by garuda promotions

New technology is popping up all the time. With today’s generation being tech-savvy, a brand can never go wrong with tech-related promo products.

Wireless chargers are easily one of the most convenient accessories for anyone that sits at a desk for any period of time throughout the day. 

With virtual events, zoom meetings and video calls happening every day, earbuds have been a necessity for everyone from students to grandmas! Earbuds or headphones are a necessity in every workplace or household. 

5.    Work from Home Products

With more people working from home, promotional product kits custom mailers focus on products that enhance employee productivity.

A desk calendar is a great way to stay organized and plan out everything needed.

Notebooks come in handy when taking notes during virtual meetings and also put your brand in the spotlight

Promotional product kit custom mailer’s ideas reflect the current trends. They are diverse depending on the target audience’s needs.

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