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Last updated on May 23rd, 2022 at 06:52 pm

A guide to choosing the right t-shirt for imprint

How to choose the right T-shirt for imprint?

Many companies and organizations have their own custom branded apparel. When it comes to imprinting your company logo on t-shirt with silkscreening, there are many different materials and options. Brands, fabric, cuts, weight all affects the price of a shirt. Be sure to also check out about performance active garments. So how do you choose? Here are a few things you need to know!

1. 100% cotton

This is the most popular type of t-shirts, such as Gildan Ultra Cotton 100% cotton shirt, made from a less expensive, less refined open-end cotton, offering good value for a basic tee. They last for many many washes, and are the perfect material for silkscreening logo.

2. Poly/Cotton

The 50/50 cotton/polyester blend has been created with both types of fibers to take advantage of the best qualities of each. This Port & Company 50/50 poly cotton shirt is a good example. It is both breathable and tear-resistant. Its shirt also has moisture-wicking properties to stay light and dry through perspiration. It is less expensive than 100% cotton and offers softness and comfort. It also prevents the fabric from shrinking, as cotton that has not been preshrunk is prone to doing.

3. Tri-Blend

Tri-Blend is a polyester/cotton/rayon blend fabric. Polyester retains shape and elasticity; Cotton lends both comfort and durability; addition of Rayon makes for a unique texture and drapes against the body for a slimming look. This type of shirt tends to be a bit more expensive than 100% cotton. It also works with feminine and contemporary cuts like the District Made tri-blend ladies scoop neck tee.

4. Ring spun cotton

It is a step up from 100% cotton shirts. The fibers have been through a spinning process that softens and straightens each fiber. The result is a softer and stronger fabric like the Hanes Beefy-T Born to be Worn 100% Cotton Tee .

5. Combed ringspun cotton

After the cotton fibers have been spun, they are combed to remove any impurities or imperfect strands. The District Made ladies Perfect Weight V-Neck is made of combed ringspun cotton which is a further step up in quality than ring spun cotton, with its high quality of softness and comfort.

6. Moisture wicking

Moisture wicking is usually a polyester blend. Polyester is synethic fibers so it does not retain moisture like cotton. The moisture-wicking fabric works by pulling moisture from the body to the exterior of the shirt where it can evaporate more easily. Many new moisture wicking fabric is used in performance clothing as the Sport-Tek contender heather tee. Here’s what you need about performance fabric.

7. Weave

You may have seen 18-single, 30-single and 40-single yarns? The more cotton threads per yarn, the tighter the weave. A 40-single, 100% combed ringspun cotton tee is therefore extremely soft with a tighter, smoother weave than a T-shirt made of an 18-single, open-end cotton.

8. Weight

Weight has to do with thickness of fabric. Light (3.0 oz.) to standard (4.5 oz. to 5.3 oz.) to heavy (over 6 oz.). A heavier weight is likely a better choice as a work shirt for someone who is wearing the shirt frequently and washing regularly. A lighter weight is typically preferred by women and junior/young men for a more fashionable fit.

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