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custom face mask with logo

Last updated on October 21st, 2021 at 04:58 pm

Custom Athletic Face Masks With Logo

As the pandemic continues to affect operations of indoor gyms, people are looking for ways to workout and exercise outdoors. As USA Today pointed out fitness equipment, roller skates, camping gear, and face masks are quickly selling out everywhere. Therefore, gyms, yoga studios, outdoor clothing companies are flocking to brand face masks with their logos so they can increase brand awareness and royalty. In this article we will show you a few popular custom athletic face masks that you can brand and use outdoors.

Gaiter Style Face Mask

The New York Times reported that, “First came the bike rush, which caused shortages that began in March and have extended, for some brands, into next year. Next to run low were kayaks and stand-up paddle boards. Soon, running shoes were picked over.”, so everyone is trying to spend more time outdoors this summer! For hikers, runners, bicyclist, bikers, campers and the like, a gaiter face mask works really well. It is made of breathable material, as it wicks away sweat while you exercise. Additionally, the mask serves are many things in one. It is a hand towel, bandana, neckerchief, headband, armband, face mask at the same time! There are 2 ways to decorate a custom gaiter mask: one spot color imprint and full color dye-sublimation all over print. The latter imprint method is popular because it allows complete customization of the entire mask with full color design.

Soft Foam Mask​

Some may prefer a regular face mask style while performing activities outdoor. A foam mask is soft, stretchy and breathable material that can contour around the face. For this type of mask we offer 2 types of decoration: one spot color Athletico sports mask (left photo), full color dye-sublimation one piece mask (right photo). 

Full Color Polyester Face Mask​

If you have any running or race t-shirt, you know what a polyester material feels like. The polyester fabric wicks away sweat and dries quickly. In addition, it is the material of choice for full color dye-sublimation for vibrant graphics imprint. You will find many shapes of polyester face masks available for customization. Unlike cotton masks, polyester face masks can be printed entirely for maximum branding effect. 

3-Layer Dye-Sublimation Mask
2-Layer Dye-Sublimation Mask
Cooling Polyester Mask

Questions You Have About Custom Face Masks with Logos

What are the benefits of custom face masks with logos? The benefit of these masks are that they can protect the wearer from germs while working out in the gym while also increasing brand awareness. These face masks are comfortable and look good!

What type of custom face mask is best for working out? These custom face masks with logos come in a variety of styles and materials. The best mask for working out will depend on which style the individual prefers, but can also be affected by the mask’s breathability. A mask that wicks sweat and allows the wearer to easily breath makes for a great workout mask.

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