Branded Face Masks Review

Branded Custom Printed Face Masks

Many cities in the country are now requiring mask wearing while in the public, which prompted businesses, schools and organizations to produce their own branded custom printed face masks. Since the pandemic, we have been specializing in branded personal safety equipment (PPE). As in other promotional products, each type of mask has its own unique printing capabilities and limitation, so it’s important to know what they are before you decide which ones are best for your organization. This article is meant to help you choose the best branded custom printed face masks.

1. Flat Cotton Face Mask with Filter Pocket

It is a simple face mask made of soft cotton material. On the inside it has a pocket for filter for extra protection. For imprint there are 2 options: a smaller imprint on the cheek or a larger center imprint.

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2. Cupped Shape Cotton Face Mask with Filter Pocket

This is a more comfortable fit for some people because of the cup shape. It has a pocket on the inside for extra protection. The logo can be printed on either side, but not in the center.

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3. Cooling Mask

Made of mesh fabric, the cooling mask is more breathable and suitable to wear during activities. It also has 2 imprint areas: one smaller imprint on the cheek and one larger imprint in the center. Keep the logo simple because the mesh material tends to break up the imprint a little bit.

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4. Full Color Dye-Sublimation Face Mask

For those who has a colorful logo or want to print a picture or illustration, the full color dye-sublimation face mask is a great one to use for branding. It can be customized with any color, and it is printed from edge to edge. 

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custom full color mask

5. Cotton Canvas Face Mask

What if you want to match the mask to your brand colors? Well this mask is your answer. It comes in over 20 colors, even in denim, once it is custom printed it will look like nothing you have seen!

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6. Gaiter Activity Mask

A branded and custom printed gaiter mask is one that offer the maximum exposure because of the large imprint area. Suitable for running race, construction, athletes and those who are outside often.

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7. bbSnaps

Durable, reusable, and easy to sanitize, new bbSNAPS are changing the game for mask wearers. No snags and no chafing, the bbSNAPS are designed to alleviate the pressure from mask straps and aid in providing a more snug, secure fit for all. Made from durable, flexible nylon that won’t rust and is easy to clean for reuse. Can be used on caps, shirts, headbands, or other material without causing damage.

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