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Last updated on December 1st, 2021 at 07:49 pm

All about custom embroidery garments

So you have got a new logo and want to embroider it on some branded items to show it off, here’s what you need to know!

What type of garments can you embroider your logo on?

There is a wide range of products you can do – polo shirts, woven shirts, caps, beanies, towels, tote bags, backpacks, blankets. The look of embroidery is more substantial and has a higher perceived value than screenprinting.

What is digitalizing?

We did another writeup on the process of digitalizing logos for embroidery. Definitely have a look at it! It is not a one-click process like vectorizing a logo.

Camouflage flat bill cap with 3D embroidery
Camouflage flat bill cap with 3D embroidery

I really would love my logo to look the same as on my business card!

Our professional digitalizer will do the best to preserve the look of the logo. However thread is a much different material to work with in comparison to how it appears on a computer monitor or printed material.  Thread gives logos added dimension, but also has the drawback making small details in designs difficult to duplicate. Thin letters or curves are challenging to replicateand can come out like blobs of thread on embroidery.

What type of design will look best on embroidery?

Clean and simple designs with nice thick strokes and well defined lines work best. The more complicated the design is, stitch counts go up and turnaround time gets longer, which in turn bring up the embroidery cost.

How many colors can I use?

You can use quite a few! Our maximum number of colors is 8.

3D vs flat embroidery

HM cap
3D embroidery on mesh back cap

You probably have seen the embroidered caps of MLB teams, where the letters look raised and thicker, which is 3D embroidery. 3D embroidery will give your design the “pop” with its added dimension and thickness. 3D embroidery is mostly used on caps, while standard flat embroidery on garments such as polos, jackets and bags.

Why are there different digitalized files for different items of the same logo?

When we embroider the same logo on a polo shirt, at 2″x1″, and the same logo on a cap at 4″x2″, 2 different digitalized files will have to be created. The size of the logo affects stitch counts, path, and and how long each stitch is. Therefore we are not able to simply ‘stretch’ the logo to fit.

What is a swatch proof?

Once we have digitalized your design, we will make a sample on a piece of fabric to test out design, to ensure the file works properly on the machine, and you can approve the stitched design. If you supply your own digitalized file, we will still have to produce the swatch proof to make sure the file is compatible with our machine and you are happy with the final look.

A pre-production sample is also available for an additional cost if you prefer to approve the design on the same piece of garment before production.


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