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Last updated on April 23rd, 2021 at 07:56 am

What is embroidery digitalizing?

If you have had ordered caps, polo shirts embroidered with your logo before, you may know that your logo will have to be digitalized first before embroidery. Here we will try to explain the process of digitalizing and why it is an important steps for a properly embroidered garment.

What is digitalizing?

Digitalizing is the process of converting artwork into a stitch file that can be read by an embroidery machine and interpreted as different stitch types.  It tells the embroidery machine exactly the path, how many stitch counts, how many colors it will take the embroider the logo onto the fabric, after that complexity of the logo will determined the cost of the digitalizing fee, it is one-size-fit-all.

Prepping artwork for digitalizing

Firstly, the digitalizer will analyze the artwork to see if it should be edited for embroidery.  Not all logos designed for print and web will work well for embroidery.  Many designs need to be simplified.  In addition to correctly sizing a logo, some elements such as outlining may need to be eliminated and small text may need to be enlarged. This is not an automated process either, an experienced digitalizer must decide what elements will stay and what will go.

What is stitch count?

Stitch count is how many stitches it will take to replicate your logo or design on your item. Normally, t takes a lot of stitches to recreate a logo on a garment. The stitches are determined by the digitalizer/embroiderer. The more complicated a design is, more stitches it will have, consequently it will take longer turnaround time and result in higher cost.

Can I do the digitalizing myself?

Is digitalizing a one-click process you can do on the computer? It is a bit more complicated than that. Digitizing is a careful process that requires time and experience to be performed correctly.  The digitizer must understand how stitches he sees in the embroidery software will embroider on actual fabrics.  A well digitized design well will enhance your logo and a professional digitalizer will make sure the logo can be stitched out efficiently in a short, smooth design. We will not recommend customers to tackle this step on their own!

Can I use an online digitalizer to convert my file? They charge much less!

You may be tempted to go online to search for digitizing at a cheaper price.  While you may end up saving tten or twenty dollars up front, the file they provide you is going to be untested with no assurance of quality.  We will have to do a sample swatch for a fee to test out the quality of the file anyway!

So now you know all about digitalizing you are ready to find out all about our embroidery process. Read on!

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