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customer onboard kit

Last updated on August 22nd, 2022 at 02:50 pm

Customer Onboarding Promotional Products Kits

Case study about promotional product gift sets to welcome new customers to the company

Big picture: A cleaning company client is expanding into a new sector and has had some recent success in landing new clients and projects. The sales team is on a strategic path to continue to expand and acquire more large size clients

Project: Customer onboarding promotional products kits

Client Brand Identity: Fun, professional, whimsical, retro

customer onboard kit
customer onboard kit
customer onboard kit

Our process: Our client came to us looking to create a specially curated set of promotional products kits. They will be used for gifting as part of their new customers onboarding process. As a company that services the entertainment industries, they are looking for fun and out of the box ideas in the welcome kit. The recipient of the kit is the office manager that takes care of the day-to-day operations and the person that will interact with our client.

We first brainstorm for a product theme of cleaning, especially paying attention to the demographic of the recipients. The products should be practical, helpful, fun and premium. These values all match with our client’s own values as well. Finally, the products that are chosen in the end include a UV-C sanitizer and phone charger, stainless steel tumbler, and a desktop vacuum

After selecting the products we worked on customizing the items. In addition to printing the client’s logo, we added words like “Sanitize”, “Hydrate”, “Vacuum” below the logo. It brings purpose with values in a whimsical and fun way. 

Lastly, we finished off with the packaging. Since these will be hand delivered or mailed to the client, we advised that a custom branded box will bring a wow factor. The custom mailer box is branded with company colors, elements and message. It truly creates a great finish to a wonderfully curated promotional products kit.

Campaign Success:  The client loved how the kit came together. Each element from products, design, messaging and packaging are all on brand. When their new customers receive the kits it generates lots of excitement for a new professional relationship! Our client continued to go on signing larger contracts and bigger clients!

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