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metal pins and medallions

Last updated on June 16th, 2022 at 05:18 am

Different types of metal pins and medallions

Custom Metal coins, medallions, pins and badges have been widely used as a token of award, appreciation and promotional purposes. The weight of the metal gives a sense of special achievement and will be remembered by the recipient for many many years. If you are in charge of a marathon, sport races, award ceremony, here are the essential information about ordering a metal memorabilia.


Zinc alloy, copper, brass and iron are the most popular options.


Medals and pins are electroplated in different colors. This is a sample of plating colors we offer:

Different methods of how pins and medals are made

There are many different ways pins and medals are made. The meticulous production steps are labor intensive, but results in fine works of art. Most of the promotional coins, badges, and medallions are made using the following methods.


Cloissonne is the oldest enamel process. It is known for its durability, it is used in the military, car badges, and any occasion where the quality is most important. Cloisonne is the most restricted in terms of colors, so not all designs will work.


hard enamel
Hard enamel is the new Cloisonne. It is a die struck pin with enamel fill. The enamel paint is separated by metal borders, heated to very high temperature to harden and then it is polished smooth. If you rubbed across the surface it will fill smooth. Hard enamel pins have been considered as the premiere method of producing quality pins, badges and medallions.

Unlike Cloisonne which is very restrictive in color, we can use many Pantone colors for hard enamel products.




soft enamel

The die struck with soft enamel is made from the same set of tools like hard enamel. Then Enamel paints are hand filled then placed in a low heat kiln in order to seal the colors and achieve superb color separation. Since enamel paint does not rise up to the same level as in hard enamel, the metal borders will be higher and can be felt as you rub across the surface.

As an option we can add a layer of epoxy or transparent coating to protect it.

Common applications of enamel products:

Police badges, car badges, medals, medallions, coins, pins, cufflinks, purse hooks, charms, money clips, keychains, belt buckles, golf hat clip, golf divot tool.


The imprinting method requires the least amount of manual labor as the pin is printed with offset CMYK process. It is also a great alternatives with designs that require many intricate details, halftones and fine lines. A layer of epoxy is placed on top to prevent fading and chipping.

Check out our sister company MSH Medals for more information about our custom pins and medals.

Marathon medal
Marathon medal

Golf hat clip
Golf hat clip

Golf divot tool
Custom Golf divot tool


Brass coin
Brass coin
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