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Safety and PPE items

Custom Branded PPE Items

When business re-opens and events are held, custom branded PPE items are there to ensure health and safety of the public.

Whether you are an employer or event organizer, health and PPE (personal protection equipment) products are essential to safe re-opening. Garuda Promo and Branding Solutions provides a full line of custom branded PPE Items to match your branding.

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Face Masks

Our custom printed face masks come in many flavors. For maximum imprint effect, we offer full color dye-sublimated face masks. For additional protection, masks with filter pocket does the job. There are plenty athletic masks options for those who work out and exercise regularly. Cost effective cotton and cotton/poly masks with one color imprint are popular options for giveaways and promotions. As for shapes, there are flat, cup-shaped or pleated, there is a shape that works for everyone. Some employees may opt to go with disposable instead of re-usable. When in doubt, contact us for more recommendations!

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Hand Sanitizers

As of right now we have plenty of hand sanitizers in stock. There are gel and spray hand sanitizers. Having small bottles ready to hand out to clients and employees shows that you prepared and caring. Medium sized pump bottles or automatic dispensers can be placed in high traffic areas. Large refill bottles are also available so you are ready to re-fill anytime.

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Mask Accessories

Touch-free tools are popular items to include in wellness kits. It usually has a tip so you can touch buttons on keypads, crosswalk buttons and push door open without contact. The large hook will open doors, flush toilets and carry shopping bags. Other accessories include various mask extenders to keep it comfortable for long-time wear.

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Make a Kit

Creating a kit is a great way to hand out PPE items to customers and employees at business locations. Hotels, retail, office and events can benefit from kitting. Build a custom kit with the exact items you need or choose one from our existing sets.

Uses include:

  • Mailing to employees and clients who are working from home
  • Welcoming guests upon arriving at hotels
  • Distributing at entrance of events

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Soap, Wipes and UV Sanitizers

Packaged hand wipes are handy when you need to wash your hands without water. We can also brand travel soap and soap in pump bottles. UV-C light can sterilize phones, keys and small objects so you can keep your stuff clean! It comes in desktop and portable versions.

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For many events, offices and retail stores, customers are screened for their temperature before entry. Choose from thermometer strips, infrared thermometer or digital thermometer.

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Other Wearable PPE

There maybe a need in some industries for additional protection such as PPE gowns, face shields, nitrile gloves, and safety goggles. You can find more of wearable PPEs right here. Explore our custom branded protective gear selection.

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Signs and Barriers

In retail stores, offices or events, clear markings on where to stand is helpful reminders for social distancing. Posters, decals and yard signs spread the message about frequent washing, mask wearing are key to safety re-opening. In checkout areas, restaurants, public spaces, clear barriers can be installed to protect workers and customers.

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