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Last updated on November 5th, 2021 at 07:18 pm

Everything you need to know about custom promotional calendars

It’s November, and in a couple months here comes 2016. As a business owner, it is time to start planning for next year’s business and marketing activities. What is the one promotional products that every business need? Did I hear calendars? That’s right, custom promotional calendars are essential marketing tools for many industries such as insurance, banking, real estate, finance, retail and more. Here’s the reasons why you and your business need one this year:

1. It is cost-effective

There are so many different varieties of custom promotional calendar options out there, there is one to fit your budget. As you read on, from affordable magnetic calendar to fully custom photo wall calendar, we have a calendar for whatever your marketing dollars can accommodate,

2. It stays all year long

Here is the other thing, even if you get the most custom and nicest material promotional calendar out there, it stays with your customer all year! Divide that up to 365 days a year, there is no other promotional products that stretch your marketing dollar more! For that reason we usually recommend clients to go nice with their calendars because the more likely they will keep it nearby, in their homes or offices.

3. It is practical, and used by everyone

Unique Custom promotional calendars offer a promotional item that has value, it not only communicates your business information like address, phone numbers, slogans, it also keep tracks of your clients appointments, and important dates. Even though there is a calendar on a mobile phone or tablet now, most people still prefer a calendar handy near their place of work for convenience. The fantastic range of imagery offered in our wall calendars can also be soothing and relaxing!

4. It is cheap to mail

Distributing business gifts can get pretty expensive if it is bulky, however many of our pocket size calendars can be mailed flat inside a regular sized envelope, and cost no more than a first class stamp to mail! You can mail along invoices, statements or catalogs.

Here are the different calendars:

Wall Calendars

custom promotional calendars

Wall Calendars is the most popular type of custom calendars. It is versatile: you see it in homes, offices. The stunning images offering a great variety of themes that work for different business and industries. Aside from standard wall calendars, we also offer custom photo wall calendars where every page will feature the customer’s custom image. A perfect marketing tool for photography studios, real estate agents, interior designs firms.

desk organizer with clock

Desktop Calendars

For those who prefer their calendars nearby, there are desktop calendars. Desk calendars is compact, has full color image on every page. The Perpetual Desk Calendar offers significant value; it has colorful slide that can be used year after year! This desk organizer with clock has a thermometer, alarm, day and date, with multiple draws and pen holder!

full color desk pads

Deskpad Calendars

For executives, deskpads are must haves: it offers an at-a-glance view of the month at your convenience. Oversized calendar grid to jot down appointments, reminders quickly. Ideal markets include insurance, banking, and consulting industries.

Mousepad Calendars

mousepaper calendar

For those who are short of desk space, mousepad calendars offer a unique solution: it is mousepad and calendar in one. There are 2 different varieties, mousepaper where each month is on a separate page, or at-a-glance calendar.

Fun, Custom Shape Calendars

foldup shape calendar face fun calendar

Who says calendars have to look the same every year? We offer foldup shape calendars like the diamond cube calendar, it transforms from a cube to a diamond shape and back again. Other creative calendars like the face fun calendar: put up your own face or someone your adore for endless fun all year long!

Day Planners

pocket planner

Executives who are always on the go may prefer a portable calendar options. Our day planners come in many different sizes, from pocket day planners to full size executive day planners. Many have a faux leather cover which provide a touch of elegance and classiness. They fit inside purses, suitcases, backpacks and it’s the most versatile calendar options for busy travelers!

Stick Up Calendars

stick up calendar

Stick Up calendars is the perfect choice for retail stores, restaurants who get in contact with many customers a day. Very affordable and effective, the adhesive stick to refrigerators, cabinet doors, vehicles for quick glance at the month. The custom shape featuring business information offers unique customization opportunity!

Magnetic Calendars

magna-cal calendar

Magnetic calendars offer the convenience of sticking it the refrigerator or any other magnetic surface for easy removal. We offer a few different sizes for magnetic options: standard year at-a-glance magnetic calendars, as well as our Magna-Cal Business Card Calendars: Your magnetic business card is attached to this 12-month calendar

Keyboard / Monitor Calendars

monitor keyboard calendar

Another cost effective calendar options computer, retail, education industry: keyboard and monitor calendars are laminated decals that stick to keyboard or monitor without leaving any sticky residue. They are full color printed and offer a very compact solution for those who prefer their calendars at their fingertips or nearby at all times!

Contact us today if you are ready to order your custom calendars!

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