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Last updated on August 22nd, 2022 at 02:05 pm

Corporate kits and gift boxes can be the right channels for your business branding and promotion. They promote business safety through strengthening relationships with clients and keeping them intact not to seek business elsewhere. There are two categories of corporate gift boxes; those you give to employees and those you give to clients. Read on to help you decide if corporate gifting is right for your business.


It Keeps You Ahead of Your Competitors

The world is competitive nowadays in terms of startups everywhere, every day. You must be ahead of your league, as there will always be someone out there willing to prove that he can deliver much better than you. With a corporate gift box full of curated items that appeal to your clients, it creates brand loyalty that cannot be easily replaced by your competitor. Business is built upon relationships, and sending clients periodically gift boxes full of corporate gifts will only strength it for the long term. Sending corporate gifts to clients is one of the important strategies to keep them from switching their services to the other provider. It is a gesture that you genuinely care about your clients and value their continued support.

You maybe wondering, how do I know find out my clients like? Well, the thing about building relationships is you would talk to them often! Call up your clients every once in awhile, check in with their business, family and lives. Sending emails or posting on social media is nice but there is nothing like hearing a person’s voice. Not only you will get to know your clients preferences, you are building long-lasting personal and business relationships.


Helps Retain Employees and Promote a Positive Work Culture

One of the top priority of employees is flexibility with workspace. There are more people working remotely now than ever. Companies like Uber, Facebook and Apple are keeping work schedule and workplace flexible in order to retain quality employees. Flexible workplace also allows companies to acquire talents not only in their geographical location but worldwide. However it also comes with a new set of challenges. How do you create a positive work environment without an office space and regular face-to-face meetings between colleagues? Companies are using all sorts of ways to make workers feel valued and needed, so they work better together and can be more productive in their respective roles. Providing corporate gift boxes such as employee onboarding gifts that contain essential office supplies and cool branded apparel to your employees will remind them about the company values and culture, thus boosting business and morale. Rewarding hard workers will go a long way in promoting a positive work culture and a team environment.


Enhances Business Branding

Corporate gifting poses a strong strategy in painting the image of your business as being kind, generous, appreciative and caring. Showing gratitude can help you attract referrals from clients when they post about the corporate gifts they receive. Your clients will become mini-advocates of your brand and this strategy goes a long way!

If you were wondering about ways to help your business flourish, Contact us to help you choose the right corporate gifting strategy.

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