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Last updated on May 23rd, 2022 at 07:15 pm

Market your Fundraising Apparel Store

Market your fundraising apparel store ensures that you reach your goal. It’s time to promote and tell your supporters about the store! We have put together a guide with the best strategies to drive sales to your store for a successful campaign.

With every campaign you will get a store link like this one: In addition, a marketing graphic will be created as well. Use the image everywhere you would normally communicate with your fans. Here are some different ways you can market your fundraising campaign store.

1. Email

Every organization has an email list and the first thing is to send an email to the community. Since they already know about you (the organization), they are more likely support your campaign.

Create a specific email on the t-shirt campaign. Focus on all the details of the fundraiser in one email will give you the maximum impact on your efforts.

What to include in the email:

  • Details of the fundraiser: Explain why you’re having a fundraiser, what your goal is, and how you will be spending the funds. People respond to stories and it is the a tool you can use to connect.
  • Image of the shirt: A picture speaks a thousand words. Photos of the shirt will sure increase the click-through rate of the email. With every campaign we always provide an image of the shirt for you to use in various marketing efforts.
  • Link of the fundraiser: be sure to include the URL of the store to make buying the shirt very easy for your subscribers. A call-to-action button works much better than a text link.

When to send the email:

  • First day: Create a colorful email with the image of the shirt on the launch day. Include all the information about the campaign and make it easy for the subscribe to buy.
  • Mid-Campaign: On the half way mark send an email with the progress of the fundraiser. Let your fans know how it is going, and if you are close to the goal.
  • Last day: Send a reminder about being the last day of the campaign to get any last minute order in. Let them know that this is a limited edition shirt and won’t be around for a long time

Who to send the email:

  • Most organizations, schools and clubs have a general email list, it is a good place to start
  • Follow up with smaller group emails such as individual class, grades, teams. Ask coaches, teachers and supervisors to email their groups about the fundraiser. Some people may skip over general email blasts, but if the email comes from someone they personally know, they will be more likely to open it.

Email Chain and Email Management Software

Using email campaign management software like Constant Contact or MailChimp to market your fundraising apparel store is a great start. Alternatively, ask everyone in the committee to email 20 personal contacts about the campaign. This traditional mail chain method would works well at a personal level. Combining the efforts there should be a nice size order from the start.

For those who have a large network on social media, the next 2 options will work well for you.

2. Facebook

Facebook can be a powerful marketing tool for your business. If your organization already has a business page, you are off to a great start. In addition, Facebook groups are great place to promote your campaign, especially if it is a group you actively participate in. Many customers reported that boosting a post (sponsored post) has been more effective than an organic post. It’s easy to see why: in recent years Facebook has been stepping up its advertising arm so for any business to promote products or services, it will have to pay. However, if the post comes in a form of a blog or video, you may have a better chance of reaching your audience. We will get to that later in the post.

Sample Facebook post for fundraising store

3. Instagram

Sample Instagram post for fundraising store

Instagram is an image heavy platform that is the social media choice of many people. In order to be successful with your campaign, there are a few things you can do.

  • Put your store link in the profile: In your instagram profile you can input a website URL, for the duration of the fundraiser, put in the link of the store. The goal is to make it extremely easy for your followers to access it.
  • Instagram stories: Instagram stories is a fun way to engage with your followers. While sometimes your posts may not be seen, but your stories can be a way to get views. Furthermore, incorporate short videos where you talk about on the goal and purpose of the fundraiser can give the followers an inside view of the organization.
  • Reposting followers: ask your followers for pictures of themselves wearing the shirt and repost it on your feed. It gives a sense of community and belonging. Also, seeing how it looks and fits on a real person can also be a driver to convert more sales.

4. Blog Post

As we have said in the previous section, Facebook gives more attention posts with news and information, rather than products and services, so what’s better way to promote your campaign store by writing a blog post about it? If you already have a blog for your organization, dedicate one blog post on the fundraiser can bring traffic to the store.

Similar to writing an email newsletter, tell a person story how you got involved, a little history of the organization, a picture of the branded t-shirt, and most importantly, a link to the fundraising store.

Finally, post it to your social media, share it on your email, include the blog in your email signature, there are so many ways to use a blog post!

5. Video

Many research has shown that video, especially short ones, capture more people’s attention than still pictures and text. Therefore it will be a great idea to record short videos about the fundraisers. Ask different staff to record videos of talking about the organization, a tour of the facility, interviewing people the organization has helped. These ideas can be turned into short video clips that you can post on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook. When combining images, voices and videos, it’s much more relatable and you will find that people are more willing to support your cause and donate.

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