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Last updated on October 21st, 2021 at 12:03 am

Promotional products ideas for kids and family events

Community events and carnivals offer great opportunities for business to market to a large audience, many of which are families with young children. What are some of the good promotional products for family events? How can your business stand out and get the attention of the youngsters? According to our pros, you need to bring out all your bells and whistles. Here’s a collection of the best promotional items for kids and families.

1. Toys

What else can draw a child’s attention better than toys? Check out this custom printed lighted yo-yo demonstration we did! Mini basketballs, mini soccer balls, boomerangs are all good options here.

2. Whimsical pens and pencils

Kids don’t just want regular pens and pencils, go with fun and outrageous pens! Highlighters, multi-color pens, pens that light up, pens with lasers, shape pens, promotional mood pens and mood pencils add a bit of fun factor to this classic giveaway item.

3. Flashlights

Full color flashlights
Full color flashlights

Flashlights are not only practical but the lights make it a fun item for children! It is perfect marketing for community awareness, outdoor organizations or sporting events.

4. Noisemakers

Another exciting elements for young children is sound! Branded thunder sticks, hand clapper, and cow bells create excitement for a sports event or competition.

5. Crayons and coloring books

Custom printed coloring books
Custom printed coloring books

Bring out the creativity and help the children learn new facts with custom logo crayons and activity books! We have many activity books with themes and customizable with company names on the front cover.

6. Slap bracelets

Vinyl Slap Bracelet
Vinyl Slap Bracelet

Vinyl slap bracelets come in many colors and are a fun way to promote an event or business. It allows the company name to be prominently printed on the bracelet and the ‘slapping’ action adds a huge fun factor for people of all ages!

7. Stuff animals

Logo teddy bear
Logo teddy bear

Do you have a mascot for your organization or company? For an adorable promotional gift idea, customize a stuff animal and the children will hold onto it for a long time!

8. Stickers and temporary tattoos

promotional items for kids
Temporary Tattoos

These budget-friendly stickers and temporary tattoos are a sure hit with children! Go with colorful and fun images for a maximum impact!

Questions You Have About Promotional Items for Kids

What are considered promotional items for kids? Promotional items for kids are usually branded with a company logo, name, or mission, and are an item that a kid would enjoy. This can include stickers, temporary tattoos, slap bracelets, and stuffed animals.

How much do promotional items for kids cost? The cost of a promotional item for kids will depend on the product being purchased. Prices can vary per item depending on the item, the quantity, and where the order will be delivered.

What are the benefits of promotional items for kids? Promo items for kids are fun for children! They receive a free toy or product that they can have fun with and enjoy. At the same time, the company who distributes the promotional items for kids is able to advertise their company through the branded product.

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