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Swire Ho was recently a guest on the Better Presentations More Sales Podcast, hosted by Trevor Lee, entrepreneur and founder of Trevor Lee Media Ltd. Trevor and Swire talked about how to use promotional products to help drive sales. More specifically, they talked about how to turn your customers into mini advocates for your brand by sending them promotional gifts that they will actually enjoy receiving and therefore wear or use a lot — and naturally promote your brand for you!

Promotional products are more relevant than ever

During the pandemic, the industry has had to pivot to work in a virtual world. There have not been sales presentations in the large, in-person format that we are all used to. It is easy for attendees to feel disconnected or disengaged on Zoom, even in presentations with the world’s greatest speakers.

However virtual presentations are a necessity! We believe that great promotional product marketing is more important and relevant than ever. For example, we have seen a lot of success with drop-shipping promotional items to prospects or clients ahead of important meetings or events. That way, speakers can ask attendees to open their boxes live and walk them through activities or experiences together. This keeps people engaged and helps with client retention.

The virtual format has also opened up avenues for international clients. Start thinking outside of your local area because now you can connect with anyone in the world through promotional product marketing.

Knowing your target audience well is key

red wine glasses set
holiday gift set with camper mug, foldable duffel, notebook and pen

Swire encourages people to get to know as much as possible about their target audience. Find out as much as you can about who they are: their demographics, age, gender, type of business, etc.

At Garuda, we have access to over 5000 items – not just pens and t-shirts! The more we know about your audience, the better equipped we will be to select meaningful products for your specific audience that will work well for them. The bottom line is that the more you know about your prospects and clients, the bigger the return on investment you’ll receive.

How to use promotional products to drive sales

There is no one right answer to this — the promotional products that are most relevant to your specific target audience and the current events in the world will do best. For example, face masks and virtual employee onboarding kits have been hugely successful during the pandemic. In addition, since many new employees won’t be going into the office, anything that will help them feel like part of the team, such as a branded jacket or employee handbooks will perform well.

We have also seen success with products that help enliven meetings or that are easy to use and display on a video call. For example, custom-label wine bottles are a great option to celebrate. Employees can make virtual toasts or pour a glass to help them loosen up and be more engaged. We also love products that are highly visible and visually interesting during video calls, such as pull-up banner backgrounds or microphone stands.

Another great option is something like sponsoring a marathon t-shirt. Runners will wear their shirt often — perhaps even for years to come. People will ask them about the shirt, and your brand will be seen for supporting a healthy lifestyle and a non-profit.

Turning your customers into your mini advocates

Always remember, the purpose of a promotional product campaign is to build a connection with your prospect or client. Be selective, attentive and creative when choosing your branded merchandise! It doesn’t cost much to impress the right people if you have the right products — and then they’ll think of your brand often and organically relay their positive impression of your brand to their network for years to come.

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Use these insights to build brand loyalty and increase the chances a happy customer reviewing and giving referrals on your behalf. Listen to the episode here or learn more about promotional products on our website.

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