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While other promotional products have become very popular, pens have a constant presence being one of the best promotional products. They’ve recently reclaimed their spot as the #1 promotional product category in terms of overall online searches. 

That means more opportunities to create advertising impressions for your brand in a larger variety of settings. Pens are perfect for this, as they’re versatile products that see repetitive usage each and every day.

Think about it! You use pens to write grocery lists, keep up with work tasks, and maybe even jot down a potential date’s phone number. It’s no wonder more than two billion pens are manufactured across the planet every year!

Even in this digital world, custom pens are still insanely useful. They’re great freebies at job fairs or trade shows, schools can keep them in stock at the bookstore, and restaurants can give logo pens as gifts to everyone on their waitstaff. Each of these situations presents an opportunity for your company to show off its logo and make an impression on the public.

Get ready to narrow it down and find the best custom pens for your business or event with our guide to what is new in promotional pens in 2023!

What’s New in Promotional Pens in 2023

RPET Oasis Pen

colorful pens

Sustainability and environmental impact are at the top of the minds of many these days. Our RPET oasis pen is made of recycled polyester (RPET) by melting down plastic water bottles to create new polyester fibers. It comes in a variety of cool colors too!

Charlie Plunge Action Ballpoint Stylus Mood Pen

pens with faces

The Charlie Plunge-Action Plastic Ballpoint Pen is a handsome one-of-a-kind character pen whose facial expression changes with each click! The dapper-dressed Charlie has a printed clip tie, color-matched to his lower body, and his name scrawled on the top of his head. The Charlie pen is made from a 50/50 blend of renewable wheat straw, the stalk left over after the harvest of wheat grains, and ABS plastic, making him an eco-conscious choice. This multi-function pen has a capacitive stylus.

Vivano Softy Metallic Pen w/ LED Light and Stylus

metallic pen

A stylish, multi-functional metal pen; the Vivano Softy Metallic pen writes, lights and scrolls. One end features a bright push-tip LED flashlight, and on the other end, the pen cap has a stylus for use on touchscreen devices. There’s a chrome barrel with a rubberized soft-touch metallic finish cap.  This pen will look amazing with your engraved logo.

Ellipse Gel Softy Rose Gold w/Stylus

gel pens

With super-smooth Gel writing ink, the Ellipse Softy Rose Gold Gel features our luxurious soft-touch rubberized finish. Rose gold accents, trim, and clip create a distinctive look. Choose from various vibrant barrel, grip, and matching stylus colors.  Customize your logo using precision laser engraving.

Jotter Pen

colorful pens

This pen will be your new favorite, with a soft touch surface, fine-point gel tip, and several color options. It’s definitely doodle bug approved. And guess what? We have matching gel inks! Stuffy documents can’t handle pink ink? Not a problem. We kept the ever-classy black ink just for you. So whether you’re signing official documents or doodling your life away, we have a great new pen for you to jot it all down.

Garuda Promo and Branding Solution is the Leader in Creating Promotional Pens

We’ve covered what’s new in promotional pens for 2023, and we hope that some new ideas have been planted for your promotional strategies. If you have questions about the pens mentioned in this post (or weren’t), we’re ready to help. Feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience with any questions. Garuda Promo and Branding Solutions are here for your business.

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