Custom Branded Bike Wellness Program

Beach cruiser with custom imprint

Custom Branded Bike for Company Wellness Program

Big picture: In this age of pandemic, companies want to bring wellness and mental health programs to employees. But because of COVID, many indoor activities are limited.

Project: A local company in near Santa Monica, California wants to introduce a wellness program to its staff that can be done outdoors.

Our process: We knew that bikes and other outdoor sports gear have been in great demand because of COVID. Due to the company’s proximity to the shore, we felt custom branded bike was a great option and proposed several different styles. The client chose the beach cruiser since employees will most likely be riding it around the beach.

Custom touch: We chose a bike with teal accent color to match the client’s logo. The teal-striped decals were added as accent detail. Since the client was local, we even assembled the custom bikes so they would be ride-ready on delivery. 

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