Holiday Corporate Gift Guide 2020

Holiday Corporate Gift Guide

The holidays will look different this year: we will still celebrate but the traditions will shift a bit. Holiday gifting is more important than ever. We may not see our friends, colleague, clients or even family in person as regular as before. Therefore during this time of the year, it is important to show a token of appreciation with thoughtful gifts. Our holiday corporate gift guide this year is full of items that will be treasured by the important people that helped your business through this memorable time.

Packaging holiday gifts in a kit with decorated mailers and boxes will instantly increase the perceived value and elevate branding experience. Learn more about it in our corporate kits and gift sets guide.

Browse our curated holiday gifts collection below. For the some inspirations, check out our holiday gifts lookbook

Browse Holiday Gifts

Mindful Gifting

The pandemic has a lot of us reflecting on our life choices and future. When it comes to corporate gifts to clients or employees, many of our brands give back in some way with every purchase. For example, premium drinkware brand MiiR, gives 3% of revenue to trackable giving projects. Check out our favorite MiiR Vacuum Insulated Camp Cup. Outdoor brand Basecamp donates to the Wounded Warrior Project, which honor and empower wounded warriors. We love the Tundra stainless steel bottle for its sturdy material and large imprint! By purchasing from brands that give back, your holiday gifting can be more purposeful and meaningful. 

miir camp cup
MiiR Vacuum Insulated Cup
basecamp branded backpack
Basecamp® 30 Miler Hydration Pack

Sustainable Corporate Gifts

Not only has the pandemic made headlines, other natural disasters have also got us thinking about our environment and how our actions will affect it later generations. In terms of holiday gifting, there is more emphasis on reusability than ever. Single use plastic items are best to avoid as much as possible. Look for promotional gifts made with or sustainable materials. We are loving District’s new Re-Tee and Re-Fleece collection, as well as Midori Bamboo backpack

bamboo backpack
Midori Bamboo Backpack
District Re-Fleece Sweatshirt

Focus on Comforts in the Holiday Season


Brain Games Gift Set

We are spending more times at home than before, and we are focusing on making our home and work space cozy and comfortable. As a matter of fact, the word “comfort” appeared in social media conversations plenty of times in the last few months. You can expect people to be gathering with their families in the their homes this holiday season. What does it mean for your client’s gifting? Cozy blankets, gourmet food gift sets, games, and wine accessories are a great place to start. 

Corporate Gifts in Colors

We recently wrote about the 2020 fall apparel and color trend, and one of the things that stood out is that using colors as a therapeutic tool. Bright colors are mood boosters and neutral colors tend to calm our mind. The color in your holiday kits can change the mood. Currently we are loving the new Cotopaxi Batac backpack, which is made of 100% repurposed brightly color fabric, Bella Canvas street wear fleece collection and custom socks by Socks Club.

Cotopaxi Batac Backpack
Bella Canvas fleece pullover in gold

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