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onboarding welcome kit

Last updated on May 23rd, 2022 at 07:06 pm

Why create an employee onboarding welcome kit?

An employee onboarding welcome kit is a new hire welcome kit designed to make a company’s new hire feel like being a part of the team and appreciated. Why is it important? A thoughtfully put together welcome kit tells the employees the type of company they are joining. A company that cares about their employee helps build a good reputation. The employees feel happy, content, excited with anticipation to start. In addition, it gives the company a chance to show the company culture.

We can help HR or administrative departments select the items that reflect your values and culture. Read on to see what we have selected.

Custom Kit Packaging

Presentation is a big part of the employee onboarding welcome kit. Depending on the items inside, and the way the kit is distributed, there are different ways to package the kit. Some packaging options are general cardboard mailer, custom cardboard mailer, gift box and wood box. Here is another post we have discussed custom packaging in detail.

1. Business Logo Apparel

North face soft shell jacket
North Face soft shell jacket
Bella Canvas Fleece Pullover
Bella Canvas Fleece Pullover

Branded business apparel is an excellent addition to an employee onboarding welcome kit. Furthermore, a logo t-shirt or a North Face soft shell jacket is one of the most popular promotional items! They are the ones that are most loved and offer the best ROI. In the pandemic era (and perhaps beyond), everyone can feel a sense of togetherness through a team business logo apparel.

2. Tech Accessories

Homedics UV clean with logo
Homedics UV clean with logo

Nothing says welcome like the latest and greatest tech accessories to help you through the work day! Logo branded tech accessories are a popular addition to the employee welcome kit. Here is a few good ones to include:

3. Office Items

Since many employees are working from home, include branded office items to complete the home office! By providing these essential office times will tell the employees that they are cared for and appreciated. Some good ones to include are:

Branded office items

4. Safety PPE Items

This category is becoming a new favorite in employee onboarding welcome kit. Safety PPE items are essential items to keep the work areas sanitized and keep the employees safe while being out. Employee safety is the utmost important even when working from home. Make sure to include the following:

  • mask
  • hand sanitizer
  • gloves
  • wipes
  • face shield

5. Plants and Grow Kit

Modern sprout grow kit
Modern sprout grow kit

Wouldn’t it be nice to beautify your home office space with some green? You can do that with branded grow kits and house plants. This succulent plant kit comes in a chic pot. Our
Modern Sprout Glow & Grow Live Well Gift Set is a candle, when it burns out the container can be used to grow house plants. Plants cleanse the air and beautify the space. Therefore this category is a great addition for companies that promote employee wellness and mental health.

6. Gourmet Foods

New employees meet and greet is a nice way to welcome them to the team. It is mostly done virtually now. What’s better than having a yummy treat during the meet and greet? What about a popcorn kit or cocktail kit for happy hour? Or you may want to simply supply healthy snacks for those moments before lunch? Therefore if you want to incorporate a fun, friendly culture, gourmet and snack foods kit is a good way to go!

Popcorn gourmet kit
Popcorn gourmet kit

7. Fitness and Wellness

Sitting is the new smoking. The health and well-being of the employees are always a high priority for companies. Now during the pandemic it is more important than ever. An unwell employees can be un-protective and disengaged. Therefore fitness or wellness items should always be included:

Besides giving employees these branded fitness items, companies should organize events regularly as well. Group fitness class, meditation sessions, social events and professional resources available to employees are ways to maintain a positive and healthy culture. 

Custom spa set
Custom spa set
Custom exercise band

8. Employee Handbook

A new hire should be aware of the dos and don’ts of the company. An employee manual contains the important rules, regulations, expectations and policies of the organizations. Usually, the HR department will verbally go over the key points, it is always helpful to follow up with a physical copy of the handbook.

9. Book

You may think that it is strange to include a book in an employee onboarding welcome kit. Is there a famous quote or author that aligns with the company culture? Has the company founder written a book? Is there a book that inspires and motivates management? Then it is a book to share with the rest of the staff. 

10. A Personal Note

A handwritten note from the founder or CEO will add a very personal touch to the welcome kit. The new hire will feel so appreciated and touched by the simple gesture. Adding a mission statement, company values or expectation can help reinforce the meaning of the welcome kit. 

More Questions about Onboarding Welcome Kits

How can I make an onboarding welcome kit? Onboarding welcome kits are perfect for onboarding a new employee to your company, providing some insight into your company’s culture, and even gift some useful or fun items. An onboarding welcome kit should contain a few different items. We recommend choosing a few onboarding welcome kit items from the list above.

Why is an onboarding welcome kit important? By providing a new employee an onboarding welcome kit you’re letting them know that you’re not only excited about them joining your company, but also that they’re valued. Making sure your employees feel valued is incredibly important for retention, productivity, and the health and well being of your company’s culture.

Are onboarding welcome kits worth the cost? Absolutely yes! The right onboarding welcome kit is worth every penny as it can help a new hire understand what your organization is about and let them know that they’re truly now part of the team. While not all companies provide onboarding welcome kits to their new hires, the ones that do understand the importance of conveying value to new hires.


We hope this list is helpful to you in creating an unique and fun new employee onboarding welcome kit. You maybe wondering, what about anniversary, milestones and awards? Those are wonderful occasions to celebrate! Awards and recognitions promote employee loyalty in the long run. We are here to help you with exciting promotional products ideas and custom kitting! Contact us for more details!

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