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Last updated on January 28th, 2022 at 01:15 pm

Season 2, Episode #3 INFO:

Are you thinking about being a podcast guest to promote your company? Our guest Amela Sabic thinks so. Being a podcast guest a great way to share your knowledge and expertise, in return you can grow your brand and to become a known expert in your industry. Amela discusses with the Promo Guy about how podcasts increasing popularity is another way to market your brand and tell your story. Furthermore, podcasts give the opportunity to share your brand’s story with targeted communities that resonate with the company.  Instead of “product dumping”, you should focus on the why and the back stories of your success, become a storyteller and not a salesperson.

Podcasts allow guests to grow their reach with the show’s target audience.  Similar to finding your niche or target audience, try not to book every show, you should only consider ones that share the same value or topics within your expertise.


How to pitch podcasts effectively

Before pitching to any show, Amela suggests doing the following:

  • Do your research, get to know the host and the show
  • Is the show a good fit for your brand and expertise?
  • Have you listened to the show and how the hosts interviewed guests? 

How to be a good podcast guest

After you have been scheduled on a show, here are some of the things Amela recommends to ensure a successful show:

  • Respect the host, he/she has probably considerable spent time prepping
  • Show up on time, the last thing you want is having people wait
  • Have notes and be ready for open and honest conversation
  • Be a storyteller, stories is more engaging than sales pitches
  • After the show help promote the episode, the host will love you for it!

In conclusion, keeping these tips in mind will help you be a successful podcast guest, and it will help to grow your brand and your company.

Listen to the episode in the link below!


Amela Sabic is a founder and CEO of Urban Bloom Podcast Boutique agency. The idea behind the agency is to help people reach people – long story short. Amela is a connection between experts sharing their knowledge and expertise and directly improving people’s lives and highlighting the positives. Her goal is to feature as many entrepreneurs on different podcasts, building relationships, trust, and connection, along with brand awareness and authority.

Sabic’s work is unique because she takes a very personal approach to each and every one of her clients. She does her research and only get people on podcasts that are relevant to their expertise. Her goal is not to just help someone appear on a podcast but to make it count.

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