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Last updated on July 28th, 2022 at 06:31 pm

Your employees are valuable assets and integral to the success of the organization. They are your biggest resource, and you need to take good care of them. One way to go about it is to provide a healthy workspace where employees feel productive and safe. 

Work with your employees to make health and fitness a part of the company lifestyle by introducing a corporate health and wellness kit. Corporate health & wellness kits improve the health and productivity of employees and reduce the overall cost of employer-provided health care.

So, what do you include in your organization’s corporate health and wellness kit? Here are ten things corporate health & wellness kits should have: 

Fitness Bands

yoga bands

 Yoga Resistance Bands add extra tension and resistance to yoga workouts for better results. They are perfect for a quick workout while working from home or when traveling, given how compact they are. Each band represents a different level of resistance and can vary from small to great. 

Yoga Mats

branded yoga mat

Custom Yoga Mats so that your employees can work out and advertise your brand anywhere are another high-value gift to include in a health and wellness kit. Not only does it encourage healthy activity, but also serves as a great way to represent your brand if it ever leaves home.


branded massager

Deep Tissue Massage Gun to ensure that muscle soreness after an intense workout isn’t slowing down your employees. Even if you’re not a marathoner, everyone experiences sore muscles from time to time, especially if they are sitting at a desk all day long. Branded deep tissue massagers can be an excellent way to offer a little relief for whoever you send it to.

Hot / Cold Pad

branded ice pack

Hot/Cold Pack is also handy for your employees when they feel sore after exercise or under the weather when sick. The healing power of temperature is well known, and the chances of someone keeping a branded hot/cold pad from an event or a gift are pretty high.

Scented Candles

branded scented candle

Scented Candles are essential for an employee wellness kit for their relaxing and calming effects. You can offer a personalized scent if you know what your specific sender likes, or you could follow a season theme. The right candle creates the perfect environment for relaxing or working.

Essential Oil Diffuser

branded scented infuser

An Essential Oil Diffuser can help relax the body, relieve stress, and enhance overall wellness. Given that it is something that is reusable, the branded device could remain in use for a long time. If given to a client or at an event, it could create a lot of top-of-mind brand recognition in addition to relaxing vibes.

Gardening Kits

garden planter branded

Gardening can have physical and mental health benefits, and Gardening Kits make it easy to get started. Getting outside to touch some earth is always good for people that spend a lot of time inside, and if that isn’t an option, indoor gardening is just as popular and relaxing.

Gourmet Foods

branded gourmet food kit

Wellness comes from healthy foods. These Gourmet Foods kits deliver a wide range of health benefits and help keep your employees sharp. Food is an easy way to connect with people on a personal level, and with the right selection, a gourmet food kit can be a slam dunk gift.

Cooling Towels

cooling towels

These Cooling Towels will help your employees cool down fast and stay cool during/after an intense workout session. No matter the time of year or climate you live in, a cooling towel can always come in handy. These towels cool down quickly with a little bit of moisture and stay cool for a surprisingly long time.


branded blanket

A simple picnic, such as an alfresco lunch, can improve your overall well-being and a good Picnic Blanket is all you need. Whether someone needs to have a sand-free time at the beach or something to use at the next bonfire, a branded blanket is an easy way to accomplish just that.

If you are looking for guidance in implementing an effective corporate health and wellness kit for your company, we can help. Reach out to us for health and wellness kits that improve employee wellbeing in the workplace and improve brand recognition when giving to clients or prospective clients. Garuda Promotions and Branding Solutions is here to help your brand reach its goals.

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