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Last updated on May 19th, 2021 at 01:12 am

Episode #40 INFO:

Do you want to deliver a better virtual presentation? With more business professionals using zoom as their go-to platform for meetings, we all need to up our virtual presentation game.

How to achieve virtual presentation success

Trevor had developed a 7P of presenting model to help business professionals achieve presenting success:

  1. Purpose
  2. People
  3. Preparation
  4. Planning
  5. Powerpoint
  6. Performance
  7. Practice

Practice, and how to create great slides

Trevor suggested practicing your presentation and a good way to do it virtually is to record your presentation via zoom. Practice can get you into the “flow” of the presentation, and you should only limit yourself to 80-85% of the presentation of the time allowed.


Begin your slides with the point of view of the target audience,  Simplify your presentation and don’t put too much information on each slide. Instead of dumping the information from your company, think about entertaining the audience and provide solutions to their problems.


When you are presenting you are the focus of your presentation, not the slides.  The slides are there to assist your presentation but they shouldn’t take away the focus of your presentation.  Start with a word or one image and try not to read off from the slides. Think of powerpoints as a prompt but not a script.  Ask yourself “do I really slide”?

Listen to the episode in the link below!


Trevor Lee has over 35 years of business experience at senior manager / director level and uses his revenue generation and overall commercial experience to help businesses grow sales, deliver better presentations and win more sales pitches.

For 2 days a month Trevor fills a gap for growing businesses that don’t have a sales or commercial director. 

Trevor also runs sales and presenting training and coaching programmes, has just launched an online presentation course, is working on a book – the 7P’s of Presenting – and every Monday broadcasts the ‘Better Presentations More Sales’ podcast.

And in amongst all of this Trevor is training for his 44@60 challenge. This is a 44 mile run on May 22nd 2021 on the Cornish Coastal path in the UK. He’s aiming to raise £100 / mile   for the local Children’s Hospice Music Therapy programme. 

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