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Last updated on May 23rd, 2022 at 07:21 pm

Best Promotional Products for Summer Outdoor and Concert Events

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Summer is fast approaching, and you know what that means, time to go outside and enjoy the plentiful sunshine! This is also the primetime for companies to market their products and services in these outdoor and concert events. Promotional products is a tried and proven way to extend your marketing reach and maximize the opportunity with your target audience.

Through promotional products you can create a branded experience that the attendees will enjoy, at the same time they will build or enhance the connection with your brand. With social media they can also share their love for the brand and branded merchandise, the effect of the promotion could go much farther than the event!

Here are some ideas to get started with the brand experience:

1. Outdoor Displays

To create the brand experience that you want, we will start with the venue, if you are exhibiting or been assigned an area, make sure it is decorated with outdoor displays that are branded. A cohesive design from canopy tent, backdrop, table covers, banners, flags will be much more visible from afar and will draw a crowd much easier than a plain, generic setup. Depending on your product and branding guide, you may have a very colorful and vibrant design or a cool minimalist touch. Either way, the displays and setup should be exciting and welcoming for what’s in store for the attendees inside.

A branded outdoor display with pop-up tent, backdrop, flags, and podium

2. Create an engaging activity

This is the fun part! Design an activity that is fun, engaging and appropriate for the event. This is where you can get very creative. Think about why this event is a fit for your product/service? What is the best way for the attendees to experience your service offerings? Can the activity/experience be shared through social media? A clothing line may want to have a custom printing station for one of their best selling shirts. A drinks company may want to have different tasting stations, with lounging area and photo booth. You get the idea. Make it fun and memorable.

3. Branded Promotional Products Giveaways

For a event on a hot summer day there are some essential branded items you can have on hand that will make your booth and instant hit! Sun protection items such as hats, visors, sunglasses are always a favorite. Personal items like sunscreen and hand sanitizers will come in very handy for those who forgot to leave the house with them. Water misting bottles, bandana, sports towels, tank tops, flyers are some ideas of fun giveaways that people always love. The branded merchandise should be designed alongside the outdoor display so they are well matched together. Think of ways of measuring your ROI (return of investment). Give out an item if you sign up for a newsletter, or when you tag the company on Instagram. These are just some examples of metrics you can use to measure the success of the event.

Trucker hats is a summer favorite

4. Outfit Your Team

Custom branded apparel trend 2019Create a unique style of branded apparel for 2019

Last but not least, don’t forget about your team! Dress the team that represents your company to the public sharp, clean and professional. Company apparel for outreach events should be chosen based on weather and event setup. Choose materials that are moisture-wicking, comfortable for movement all day long. Designs are fun, and with a clear marketing message. Make it so comfortable and cool that you can even sell them as custom merchandise!

What are some of your best advice for a successful outdoor event? Share it in the comments section below!

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