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Last updated on February 21st, 2022 at 02:49 pm

As business around the country is reopening in phases, business owners and managers are coping with a huge task of how to reopening safely. The top priority is to ensure safety of employees and customers. Here we have compiled a few general categories of PPE (personal protection equipment) that can be branded to help business reopen with a sense of security and confidence. The imprinted capability is also a nice plus to combine marketing with functionality as well.

See our dedicated branded masks and PPE page for a complete list of items.

1. No touch tool

This is  a convenient multi-function no-touch germ avoidance tool. Stay healthy and safe by preventing cross-contamination. Most popular material is stainless steel touchless key, acrylic touchless key, or plastic. It usually comes with a pointed tip for pressing buttons, a hook for door or toilet handles. It is a popular functional promotional items as it can be attached to keychains or bags.

2. Hand sanitizer


Essential promotional products for business reopening

Many considerate business owners are providing branded hand sanitizers for patrons to use while in their business. Museums, parks etc have found branded hand sanitizers to be a popular gift shop items as well! Since COVID-19, the surge of hand sanitizers in promotional product space has prompted the availability of different varieties of shapes and sizes of bottles to suit all kinds of needs.

3. Floor decals and signage

Essential promotional products for business reopening

When retail stores and restaurants reopen, there are many specific protocols that are in place to ensure everyone’s safety using floor decals, signage, banners and tents. Floor decals indicate how far apart people should be standing, posters/wall decals show reminders to use face coverings, banners to let customers know that you are open or direct traffic, and custom printed tents to indicate the locations for curbside pickup.

4. Face masks and face shields

Essential promotional products for business reopening

Many employers will provide face masks and face shields for their staff while they are working. Keeping it branded is also a great way to add a face mask / face shield to part of your uniform. Match it to t-shirts, aprons or hats and make it a cohesive set. PPE can be functional as well as serving a marketing purpose!

5. Cleaning wipes

Essential promotional products for business reopening

For parks, museums, universities or companies on a large campus, having a set of branded wipes is beneficial to visitors and employees. They come in a pack or a small canister. In combination of hand sanitizers and face masks, it provides a safe working and retail environment for everyone who comes across the location.

6. Wellness kit

Essential promotional products for business reopening

A comprehensive solution would also be to include PPE wellness kit for employees when they return to work. Disposable masks/branded mask, hand sanitizers, wipes and gloves are popular items to be included in a kit. Or we can customize any items that you requirements to create a kit. It makes it very easy and streamlined when handing them out to your staff.

We hope this gives you a good idea of what maybe needed for your business. As always, reach out to us via the Contact form or email us at [email protected] or call 323-379-4887 for any ideas of branded PPE items! Promotional products for business reopening

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