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Last updated on February 21st, 2022 at 03:01 pm

As COVID-19 impacts business all cover the country, events and tradeshows came to a halt. 4th month into the pandemic, we are now seeing event planners and tradeshow organizers have started pivoting to online events, from virtual marathons, tradeshows to sales training, expos, we are adapting to the new life as we know it. How does a company promote and maximize brand presence during an event?

Even with events happening virtually there are still plenty of options for a company to promote and market:

  • Event website / video branding
  • Apparel / banner branding on speakers
  • Mailing kits to registered guests

Event Website / Video Branding

How to promote your brand during virtual events

Most professional software that facilitates online events has designated areas for sponsors, and live video streams can be branded with special messages and logos. This is precious real estate area for sponsorships and advertisers. Also, if you are a presenter, make sure that your logo is on all the presentations. For the duration of the events, your logo, message will be prominent in front of attendees. The impressions here is valuable and should definitely be considered.

Apparel Branding

How to promote your brand during virtual events

What do you wear when attending virtual events? What you wear can also make a strong statement on your company and your brand. So make sure you are dressed for the occasion. If you wear a company branded polo, make sure the camera angle is positioned so that the logo is visible at all times. A branded hat will also be a great add-on. A promotional mug, promotional water bottle or custom printed company banner in the banner can also be a nice touch.

Custom Gift Set to Speakers and Attendees

How to promote your brand during virtual events
Custom branded gift set we received on a recent virtual conference

Attendee swag bags are traditionally great options for companies to market during and after the show. Many virtual events are also offering special gift sets that they are mailing to each attendee. This is a great opportunity to include something thoughtful and branded for even more impressions long after the event has ended. Think branded face masks, branded mask accessories, promotional notebook / pen set, or our latest UV sanitizer.


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