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Last updated on April 23rd, 2021 at 07:16 am

Episode #33 INFO:

Tammy Alverson is a digital marketing expert and in this episode she has let us in on some great tips for successful marketing in 2021.

She suggest 3 tips for entrepreneurs to grow their business: 

  1. The most successful business owners I know surround themselves with experts, so they can be an expert for their business and stay focused.
  2. It all starts with your website! Make sure your website is ready for the March and May 2021 Google game-changing updates so you don’t disappear!
  3. FULL TRANSPARENCY! When hiring an agency, or marketer, ask for them to pull up live reports of a few clients (with the clients’ permission of course) to show you their results (NEVER accept PDF’s that might have been altered) and ask them to explain how they succeeded and where they failed. Also, ask for detailed written and verbal explanations of how they will achieve results for your business. Make sure they understand your business and ‘feel’ like a fantastic fit for your business and run far, far, far away from marketers promising to get you ‘instant’ results.

Digital marketing stategies that work!

  • Clients who are killing it with live human chat and scheduling, the conversions are amazing and most clients are closing 9 out of 10 scheduled live chats.
  • Yelp Ads. Clients get 5-15 leads/inquiries a day during their off-season with Yelp Ads. Tammy is a Yelp Certified Partner Agency, so you will always get far more bang for your buck using a partner agency than dealing with Yelp direct.
  • PPC works incredibly well and fast, even when someone doesn’t have a website! Advanced Schema markup.
  • SEO always works, it just takes a lot of time (except for Photo SEO & YouTube SEO those can start showing up the same day of indexing). Rome wasn’t built in a day and the same goes for your SEO!
  • Personalization – Dynamic Content. Having content change on your website to show the end-user what they are looking for can often double, triple or quadruple conversions whether it’s for e-commerce sites or lead generation!

Best digital marketing ideas for 2021


  1. Voice/Visual search marketing.
  2. Video marketing.
  3. Calendar Marketing
  4. Product listing ads.
  5. Personalized marketing.
  6. Twitter marketing (they are partnered with Google).
  7. Pinterest for visual or creative type businesses.
  8. Creating and growing communities.
  9. Live streams.
  10. Creating FAQs for your services or products along with an FAQ page on your site.

Listen to the episode in the link below!


Tammy Alverson, President/CEO, Result Marketing Inc

We get your business Results! So much so, that the first 2 years we were open, we got all of our clients from customer referrals!

Some Of Our Services:

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO), National SEO, Advanced Schema Markup, Advance Photo SEO, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), PPC (Pay-Per-Click), Organic Social Media Marketing, Paid Social Marketing, Website Design & Development, Funnel Marketing, Content Marketing, Dynamic Content, Strategic Press Releases, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), YouTube SEO & Marketing, Maps Marketing, Google Guaranteed Local Service Ads (LSA’s), Yelp Ads, Email, Text Marketing, Automatic Scheduling, Live Chat (real humans in the USA), Integrated & Tracked Media Buys (TV, Radio, Billboards, Print, Direct Mail, etc) and Personalization, Automation & Integration (eg: making sure your incoming calls, texts, social messages, contact forms are automatically put into your CRM or project management software). 


Swire Ho #thepromoguy (00:01):

Welcome to the small business show. We created a platform to have candid and in-depth conversations we find to put Nora. And this is professional. We find fascinating. Learn the tips and tricks for marketing, running, and growing a small business. The small business show is the official podcast of Garuda, promo and branding solutions. Hello everyone. Thank you for tuning in my name is Swire. You can also call me the promo guy today. My guest is Tammy Alverson from result marketing. She is a digital marketing expert. You know, some of the things that good about Tammy is she was able to take a solar roofing company from zero revenue into a hundred million a year. And he also increased a auto repair shop revenue five times in one year. So I did, I’m sure I have a lot of crushing, I’ll be taking notes. But with that, welcome to the show, Tommy.

Tammy Alverson (00:57):

Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate it. It’s fine.

Swire Ho #thepromoguy (00:59):

So, first question is how, how does it take to grow from zero to a hundred million? Like what are the red they done, right. To be able to achieve those success?

Tammy Alverson (01:11):

Yeah. it was a ten-year plan, so it took us 10 years to get there from basically zero. And what we did was we created what we call a step-up plan and we, we would for each month that after the initial couple of months of getting everything set up and all that, then each month thereafter for every time, every single time that they had leads come on and sold jobs off of those leads, the owner would take a certain percentage away to reinvest and reinvest and reinvest, and he would keep increasing, increasing, increasing to the point where we got to a point where we could do TV, radio billboards you name it. And so we were able to create a lot of platforms for him to use, but it, it, it all started with his website and a simple pay-per-click and SEO campaign.

Swire Ho #thepromoguy (02:13):

Well, so let’s talk about that. Thinking deeper. You said that it all starts with a website. So are you recommending that, you know, small businesses out there before they spend any marketing, they need to prepare their website, optimize it first before they start doing any digital marketing campaign?

Tammy Alverson (02:31):

No, not at all. Typically we will recommend when somebody comes to me, especially as somebody in a competitive field like roofing or personal injury attorney law right now, bankruptcy attorneys are doing well. And then of course, water damage restoration for all the people that are flooding in areas that they’re not used to have snow. So it’s really important when you get a new client that you want to, you want to show them results. You want to show be able to start that revenue stream coming in right away. And by doing a lot of times, most of the time, we’ll just start with pay-per-click on both Google and bang. And then while we get that campaign going optimized machine learning’s kinda going through its thing, we’ll also start doing their SEO. And most of the time just doing simple citations and directories starting there, and then going through and optimizing, if they have an existing website that we can optimize or building a new site or whatever it is many times we’ve had people with no one site or a terrible website. And we just felt it was better to create a, a landing page for them to, for us to stop the whole thing. Yeah. So honestly, you know, we recommend, if you can afford it, do both because you’ll get that revenue coming in typically within 45 days, you’ll, you’ll be doing pretty good

Swire Ho #thepromoguy (04:12):

Really, but then asking in terms of how, you know, normally or small pieces were asked, you know, how much is this going to cost? Right. So, you know, they might not have the budget and obviously they want to do this to increase their revenues. But I know that you have a near, you mentioned a study and then actually a formula that people can allocate those budgets and marketing.

Tammy Alverson (04:37):

Yeah. So, you know, the small business administration who recommends, it’s a huge, huge variable. And so, you know, most people, for some reason, I find most people have 6% in their head for okay, I need to allocate 6% a year towards marketing

Swire Ho #thepromoguy (05:01):

From their revenue or like their net earning.


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