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Organizations, brands and companies use merchandise and promotional products to promote brand loyalty and celebrate different occasions. One of such options is an online pop-up store. In this blog post, we will explain what a pop-up store is, and how to build a successful online pop-up store for your group!

What is an Online Pop-Up Store?

As the name suggests, a pop-up store is a merchandise store that is open for a limited time. In this case it is also an online store where purchases are made online and products are shipped to the customers. Apparel items such as t-shirts, fleece or other branded promotional items are popular and often sold in such stores.

Online pop-up stores are the ideal solutions for the following reasons:

  • promoting limited edition or seasonal merchandise
  • no inventory is needed since all the orders are collected during the open period and merchandise are only produced at the end of the open period, leaving no surplus merchandise
  • the group does not need staff to run and maintain physical store 
  • schools and community organizations can raise money from pop-up stores sale with little up-front costs and manpower
  • accompanying new product launches with promotional merchandise
  • celebrating company milestones and anniversary with special edition merchandise
sample popup store
Sample Pop-Up Online Store

How to Build a Successful Online Pop-Up Store

So how do we make sure that your online pop-up store is the best that it can be? There are a few simple guidelines:

  • Simplify and Streamline: Preventing potential hiccups before they occur should be a top priority to ensure a successful project, especially when things get busy. Streamline the ordering process by simplifying product offerings and using online pop-up stores to collect orders and payments. Offering limited styles with one color logo designs will allow orders to be fulfilled quicker and with less hassle. For example, offering a unisex t-shirt instead of different styles to simplify selections.
  • Seasonal and limited edition offerings: If you have more styles to offer, launch pop-up stores at different times of the year to maximize orders. For example, short sleeve summer style in spring and long sleeve / fleece in winter. Having too many items available in pop-up store may reduce quantities ordered for each style, risking below-minimum orders. 
  • Market and Promote: To fully maximize all of the work that goes into creating and setting up a campaign, it’s crucial to spread the word. Training and encouraging staff to take a lead in marketing their store has proven paramount to the success of fundraising efforts. For example, send out email newsletter once every few days to remind supporters to visit the online store, post and encourage sharing frequently on various social media platforms to spread the word. 

If you think an online pop-up store is right for your fundraising goal, please contact us today to get started!

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