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Hawaiian Airlines Logo

Last updated on April 22nd, 2021 at 05:39 pm

Logo design tips

Here are the top 5 logo design tips.

One of the first things a new business has to do is come up with is a logo. Company logos are used everywhere – signage, websites, business cards, print materials, uniforms etc. Here are a few tips to remember in creating one:

1. Logo does not have to say what the company does


Toy companies logo do not have to show toys, and car companies logo do not have to show cars. As we see here the Hawaiian Airlines logo does not have a plane either. The truth is, we can do better than including the obvious – what the company does. There are many other attributes that are relevant as well.

2. Keep it simple and recognizable

Some of the most well known logos are simple, describable and recognizable. It should also be easily recognized at a number of different sizes. As more and more people are viewing websites ans social media sites on their phones, always check that it is still legible at around one inch.

3. Be versatile

IBM logos

A logo should work on website, business card, uniforms, coffee mugs or anywhere else. Come up with a few different variations, such as black/white, 1 color, or 2-colors. Full color logos are tricky because when you have to silkscreen it on an item it drives up the print cost quite a bit. It will be a good idea to brainstorm in black/white, focus on the idea.

4. Consider a typographic logo

Not every logo needs a symbol. A text only logo, a typographic one can be powerful. Play with color, scaling, and accents can really make a logo simple and stand out. This page has a great list of text only logos.


5. Make it long-lasting


A logo is normally used for years so it should be timeless. Don’t follow the trend. Stay relevant. Companies such as Ford, Shell, Kellogs may have updated the logo in the recent years, but the main logo elements have not changed.

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