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Last updated on May 23rd, 2022 at 07:08 pm

Big picture: One of our favorite memories of our school years is Spirit Days – where we can all dress in school gear and show our love and pride. In the age of online learning, many schools are hoping to continue the tradition, which is more important than ever so students stay engaged and connected with the school community. Our pop-up fundraising store is on the rescue for school spirit.

A virtual pop-up fundraising store for school spirit

popup fundraiser social media flyer
A social media graphic created for the pop-up store

Project: An elementary school in Southern California decided to transition their fundraising spirit wear store to an online pop-up model instead of in-person merchandise sale.

Client brand identity: Fun, community-oriented, high quality, practical, motivated

Our process: In addition to offering a huge array of goods, we take care of the mockup, online store setup, listing, and even create a digital flyer to market the online store on social media.

We worked with the school to select apparel styles and other spirit wear items that best fit their community fundraising goals and style needs. For elementary school aged children, t-shirt and sweatshirts in matching school colors and logos were a must. Headwear such as caps and visors are favorites all year long too. Adult and youth face masks were definitely in demand and complete the outfit. And a logo stuffed animal mascot toy is always a favorite among the children!

We recommended a few important marketing steps to insure a successful fundraiser, including sending out e-newsletter and social media posts. 


Fundraising success: The pop-up fundraising spirit wear store ran for 4 weeks. The amount raised was comparable to previous years of in-person sales. The best part of this fundraiser is that no volunteers were needed, people were safe and kids got to show their school spirit virtually. Hooray for the win-win!

A pop-up fundraising spirit wear store has many advantages:

  • parents do not have to be physically present at events or on campus to purchase
  • they can receive the goods directly in their home
  • school or PTA do not have to worry about staffing volunteers to sort, sell items or collect payment
  • pop-up store runs for limited time with no inventory, it allows the school to offer in season and different styles throughout the year
  • with no inventory, the school will not run out or have too much of a certain size, reducing waste
Pro Tip: mascot stuff animals are always a big hit!
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