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Last updated on April 23rd, 2021 at 07:24 am

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Challenge what you think is possible, take FULL responsibility for your circumstances, make a real commitment” is a quote from our guest, Chris M King and it resonates with the Promo Guy so much that he is going to try it the best he can in 2021!

Taking on a challenge is never easy. Instead of blaming yourself and complaining about the circumstances, it is much better to have a growth mindset, take full responsibility at the situation trying to solve the challenges.  

What is The Flow and how to get into the zone

We heard of the term “runner’s high” or athletes say they are in “the zone” when exponentially outperforming their competition, or even themselves. These terms describe a neurochemically induced state of consciousness known as “flow.”

With roots in positive psychology, flow creates a five fold increase in productivity, a seven fold increase in innovation and creativity, and reduces burnout to ZERO! And, the great thing is that it’s available to anyone. Working with a coach like Chris can help you access it.

Do more with less

Do more with less is very important according to Chris.  We can be very busy with our life but get nothing done. Think about leverage and how to get as much done with as little effort as possible.  What is the number one thing you do that can make the biggest impact this week? Start with that first.

According to Chris, the safest and best investment is you.  We can make an effort and commitment to be a better version of ourselves. 

All of this can be challenging to do on your own, Chris suggests working with a coach that fit your personality.  An experienced coach asks questions and a consultant gives answers. When you find experts and advisors who are better than you in a particular area, it is more beneficial to seek out their advice instead of doing everything yourself.

Listen to the podcast or watch the video below!


Our guest is Chris M. King. Imagine making the impossible, or even the unimaginable, a reality in 1/5 the time everyone thought it would take. And imagine doing it without stress. This is what is available through “flow.” Flow, a.k.a. “the zone,” is an optimum state of consciousness wherein you feel and perform your best. And it’s trainable and available to anyone – including professional organizations and teams. 

“Pique-performance” executive coach and speaker Chris M. King sets up the conditions for high-flow teams. He facilitates the journeys that lead to the discoveries that create sustainable advancements for organizations and individuals to exceed their professional and personal goals with velocity, and even RENEGOTIATE THEIR EXISTENCE! Chris has a particular expertise with professional women and women-led/focused teams, ensuring they are running their businesses and lives instead of their businesses and lives running them. Go from the status quo to Status Flow.

Chris’s work history has specific emphasis in technology, healthcare, and broadcasting.

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