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Excellent customer service and a quality product are great elevator pitches, but nothing impresses clients more than a well-thought gift. We all naturally love feeling appreciated, and gifts make clients feel so special that they’re likely to do business with you again in the future. This post highlights the most popular five gifts that every client is surely going to love.

Custom Coffee Mugs and Tumblers

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The love for coffee is universal, so there’s a big chance your clients will appreciate a gift in that line. Ceramic coffee mugs are the best type of mug for any client as they’re customizable to fit different client needs. 

Desktop Succulents

branded aloe plant succulent by garuda promo

Desktop plants breathe life wherever they go, and this may be a gift your client appreciates, especially now that the world is going green. Unlike flowers, succulent plants come prepackaged in a planter for easier handling. They also require the least attention and last for years to come.

Custom Water Bottle

branded water bottle by garuda promotions

Sending water bottles to your client shows them that you’re invested in their health as you’re in business. Custom water bottles are beautiful aesthetically, and they also last longer than average bottles that leak fast.

Gourmet Food 

gourmet food box by garuda promotions

Everyone loves a good treat, and packing up a few essential food items in a gourmet gift basket for your clients is the perfect gesture. Include as many different food treats as possible so that if the client is allergic to one, they have other options.

For example, you can include vegan and non-vegan treats in your basket if your client has a particular preference.

Mobile Wireless Charger

mobile wireless charger by garuda promotions

When most Americans now own a smartphone, mobile accessories are always in demand. Among all the mobile accessories, a wireless charger power bank is a crowd favorite. Now more compact and more powerful than ever, a mobile power bank can be one of those things that your client will use daily in the office while running errands and on vacations. 

Get a Special Gift Box for Clients Gifts Today

These are the essential items you should include in every gift box for clients. You should package them in a presentable way for the most impact. At Garuda Promo and Branding Solutions, we can help you create custom gift boxes to place any gift you choose. Contact us today for information on our personalized gift boxes. 

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