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Last updated on May 23rd, 2022 at 08:27 pm

A few weeks ago Airbnb announced its new remote work policy, it emphasizes heavily on work flexibility. Many companies have also permanently switched to a remote workforce or a hybrid model. HR departments and office managers are figuring out the best way to welcome and equip new employees since many of them will be working from home. A Work from Home Kit containing office items and cool company swag gives a proper welcome, shows off the company culture, and gets employees excited to start their new positions.

Technology Items

The following is a guide to some of the items you will need for effective work from home experience.

  • Wireless charger/phone stand: a desktop charger like this is handy for keeping phones fully charged
  • Earbuds: sitting at your desk and working quietly always goes easier with some earbuds, plus it is always good to have an extra set just in case!
  • Desktop organizer: keep things neat and clean, this one also comes with wireless charging capability.

Home Office  Items

  • Laptop bag/backpack: no matter where your office is for the day, keep everything organized in a custom logo laptop bag.
  • Notebooks/journals: jot down ideas and to-do lists with journals, notebooks, and pens
  • Pillows: create a cozy home office space with a custom-designed pillow throw
  • Tumblers/mugs:  who doesn’t love a hot cup of joe in the morning? Upgrade the work from home experience with a nice premium tumbler mug
  • Mousepads: provide a smooth work surface for the mouse and are a great spot to highlight company logos or mottos.


Working from home should have an equal feel or even better than working from the office. Consider getting the above items to improve your productivity.

With more and more of our workforce continuing to work from home, companies should consider providing a corporate work from home kit for remote employees with essential items that they will need. Creating custom home office kits is not just for large companies, many small and medium-sized companies have fully remote or hybrid remote workforce, so it is more important than ever that employers have extra perks to retain valuable employees.

For more information on items you need to work from home, reach out to Garuda Promo.

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