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Last updated on April 23rd, 2021 at 07:26 am


Known for brainwashing people into believing in themselves, Charity Haderlie coaches people on developing a growth mindset. Some of its advantages include refueling, refreshing from burnout, connecting with their highest self, igniting their peak potential. Most importantly, live true to their dreams, and not their fears.

Self awareness is one of the keys for developing a growth mindset.  Also remember that you are not your mistakes, and it might take patience to recognize and improve the problem. Find out “what is going on” so you can overcome the problems.

Furthermore, Charity encouraged to use calm, deep breathing to have a better chance at controlling those negative thoughts. Try to practice deep breathing throughout the day even when it is not stressful. For effective and precise communication, try collecting the thoughts and using deep breaths beforehand.

Are you setting goals or setting projects? Be clear to yourself and have the right expectations to achieve a goal.  

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Charity Haderlie is an executive coach, published author and accomplished speaker who loves people. She has the best job in the world; she’s the mother of 4 amazing children and wife of 22 years to her sweetheart, Michael.  

She helps people fall in love with themselves and with others, too; not the self-centered, egotistical or romantic kind of love that makes you wanna roll your eyes and go mmm. . . hmm, but the confident and powerful kind of love that makes others feel like they’re the most important person in the room when they are with you. 

From depression and social anxiety to accomplished speakers, including TEDx, Charity has learned how to transform pain into a passion for empowering others to live true to their dreams, and not true to their fears. 

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