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Last updated on May 23rd, 2022 at 07:09 pm


What is the difference between traditional vs digital marketing? Branding and marketing expert Brenda Mendez shares her tips for successful branding and marketing strategies. Furthermore she explains why she favors digital marketing. There are plenty of analytical tools and feedback a marketer can receive from each platform.  Instead of using a widespread marketing approach and market to “everyone”, Brenda challenged to have a more focus approach. Find out which social media platforms are most popular among your target audience, and how to create content that caters to them.

Before setting out with a marketing campaign, a company needs to have a branding strategy in place.  For example, having a branding guide that has logos, font, and type guidelines. Therefor all the posts are on brand and the audience can relate and connect better with the brand message.

One of the most essential branding and marketing strategies is building a community surrounding the brand.  Engage the audience and encourage them to share their experiences. This form of communication can build trust and increase the visibility of the brand.

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Brenda Mendez graduated from Arizona State University debt-free in just 3 years from the business school and landed what she taught was her dream job; the biggest accountant firm in the world, Deloitte. She soon realized that was not the path she envisioned for herself and went on to work for a local marketing agency where she found a deeper passion for helping entrepreneurs with marketing.

A new venture came along where her passion for startups and building an everlasting brand started. Brenda was part of the initiation of Snow; a premium line of oral care products where she helped grow it from $0 to a 9 figure multimillion-dollar e-commerce brand in just 4 years. She learned how to grow multiple teams, developed award-winning products, lead partnerships with A-list celebrities like the Kardashians and helped launch the products in major retailers like Target and Neiman Marcus.

She since then stepped down as COO and now serves as partner and advisor to Snow. Brenda has ventured out on her own to consult the next big startups in e-commerce and helps other brands with branding from a genuine passion in business and people. 

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